Maybe It Was Never About Your Potential

Our potential doesn’t always give us the purpose we need to keep going.

Our potential sometimes doesn’t involve love. Or trust. Or people. And it can get dangerous when that’s the case.

Trying to reach your potential can easily become all about you, and what you can accomplish. We drill it into kids at such a young age: “You can do it.” “You can reach your goal.” “You can, and will, be successful.”

It’s not wrong to motivate people to achieve their dreams. But what if those dreams won’t bring them the satisfaction and joy of life?

Life may not actually be about reaching your potential.

Living in true purpose rather than potential is where humility kicks in, and it’s where humanity must dwell.

There are countless stories of people who have reached a point of fame, or financial freedom, or marriage even… who’ve realized they’re not actually happy. And if that’s a reality, why aren’t we paying more attention here?

Living in purpose is where you can still be joyful knowing you might not reach your goal, yet that your purpose may have been fulfilled that day by simply getting up and putting a smile on somebody else’s face.

Living in purpose rather than potential is when you can move past rejection with ease because it was never about your love story to begin with.

Living in purpose rather than potential means you can help somebody today realize truth and forget about your goal of writing your book for a second.

We can’t take life so seriously. We must accept that purpose may not actually be about accomplishing what is “grand” in our own eyes, or the eyes of others. It may very well be that purpose is not about us, but the bigger picture.

Go be a kind neighbor today. Be humble when there’s attention on you. Give the praise to God. We can’t get trapped in the “I will reach my potential. I will prove myself.” What are we really doing that for?

It’s important to push yourself to see what you can do with life, to go beyond borders and limits, to enjoy all that life has to offer but at the end of the day if your potential is making you forget to live in purpose, and you’re being a negative influence on yourself rather than being healthily challenged, and if it makes you less human… we must reconsider.

Living in purpose rather than potential can change the game.

We watch movies knowing they end – but we stay for the story.

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