What Every Past Job You’ve Had Says About You

In our 20s we like to do the following: criticize ourselves for our past, neglect appreciating the present, and get anxious about the future. “Why did I do that?” “Where am I going to be next year?” “Who am I disappointing if I make this decision?” Okay maybe you don’t ask that last question out loud, but you subconsciously worry what someone else might think if you do/say so and so.

What if I told you all the meaning you attach to yourself could change?

Those jobs you’ve had or do have now, for example may not actually define you. Maybe they all reveal a little something about your personality, instead. And maybe knowing this, we can become more self-aware, more mindful and take more calculated risks in the future.

We can learn to take the experiences and grow ourselves into more wholesome members of society because we’re not going to attach our identity or worth to our jobs, but rather what they teach us about ourselves.

Now, when you take up jobs you don’t realize that particular one you would take might not appeal to your brother, or your friend. Someone else may see no benefit in that job you’re taking, and vice versa: you may not see yourself doing theirs. I mean we wouldn’t take up any job. We want one that we might enjoy. One that helps us grow. And sometimes even one that gives us a break from routine, or what we consider routine, so we branch out.

So, what do your past jobs say about you? Here’s what I’ve come up with as someone who’s gotten herself a fair share of job titles in the past.

Here goes!

Creative jobs (such as photographer, content creator, writer, etc…): You are something else. You love getting your hands dirty. You want to take risks and you want to express yourself, your thoughts, your experiences, through a channel you’ve always had a love for. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re actually getting paid to have fun.

Waiter/waitress or server: You are an incredibly energetic person. You’re respectful, hardworking, and loyal. You probably hated ice-breakers growing up but now have to do it every hour for a new table. Oh how the tables have turned. But you like making people feel special! I’m guessing you probably also love food and wouldn’t mind a discount for your favourite restaurant. You also probably want a job that gets you more than you bargained for (aka all those tips).

Retail: You are a tough, tough, soul. You want to prove everyone wrong, usually. You like to take on jobs that challenge you. Or you might have thought you could take on folding clothes all day because “how hard can it be?” and now you stayed at that store for too long and don’t know how to get out. You also probably have a Fitbit and want to keep moving at work.

Administrative work: You’re a chill person. Organized. And maybe the type to want to have a more laxed job so you get to work on other things you care about in life. You might have kids, or a side hustle you care more for.

On the other hand, you could be that person who believes in potential and patience, because you want to start at the bottom of a company or organization you care for in order to grow and therefore have chosen to go this route. Koodos to your zeal!

Nomadic jobs (web assistants, bloggers, social media work): You’re a free-bird in case you couldn’t already tell. You’re hella creative. You want a job that gives you space to explore other avenues you haven’t even heard of. And, you’ve always gotta be passionate about the cause you’re working for. You also definitely don’t have a set comfort zone, or if you do it’s not like the rest of the world’s.

Character jobs (like being Santa’s Helper or something that involves being super extra, because let’s face it you can be extra.): And the world loves it. You probably wanted some extra cash too and you thought your energy levels could take on a job like this. You like spreading joy, 100%. You probably also love the summer, I can just feel it.

Altruistic jobs A.K.A. working at a soup kitchen, charities, etc: You’re a sweetie. You genuinely believe in the good in others. And if all you see is bad coming from them you search, and search, and search for the good and you pull it out with an “Ah-HA! I knew I’d find it!” You go, boo. The world needs more of you.

Leadership jobs: You have a natural instinct to guide others. You probably like the saying, “fake it till you make it.” Your mom is always proud of you. You have a way with words, and people automatically gravitate to you – you’re good at making people remember how you made them feel, not what you said or what you did.

Teaching: I was going to pin this with leadership but it’s just not the same. You’re a multiple-hats kinda person. You love being a therapist to your friends. A mom when you have to be. A cool kid too. You enjoy epiphanies. The subject you teach is most likely one people always pointed out your skill in growing up. You’re probably always trying to manage stress, and you can take more than the average person. (But you also like to learn your limits.)

Caregiver: You’re a real one. You know when you have to put your priorities aside because family is more important. You have a sixth sense: you have the power to be strong when everything is falling apart. You are always working on yourself as well. This job is so underrated, and you know it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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