4 Differences Between Travel Then And Travel Now That Completely Transform Your Vacation Experience

For those of you who are in your 20s (and older), I am sure you noticed significant differences in traveling in this day and age. Some things disappear, some things get invented.

Let’s see if you got them all right!

1. Film Camera vs. Digital Camera

Cameras running on films were in, in the 1990s with us having to purchase a new roll of film each time it runs out. Some of our cameras were even running on AA batteries! Or for some you, disposable cameras were your thang, winding and snapping away for each picture.

Now no more AA batteries and no more film rolls, the memory card and lithium ion battery are in! Because the memory card come in different capacities, it enables you to snap snap and SNAP away without having to worry you run out of memory and battery (because the battery is rechargeable).

2. Maps vs. GPS

Navigating around a foreign land in the past was a pain! With several paper maps, street directories it was a nightmare to get around a place which you were not familiar with. Not forgetting get lost and driving in circles. Do you still remember perhaps your parents, probably one was in the drivers’ seat and the other was in the passenger seat drowning in paper maps?

Today, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy getting around with a GPS.Just type in your destination and click ‘Go!” and you are on your way. There is no need to memorize the route to your destination…

3. Full Fledge Carriers vs. Budget/Low Cost Carriers

Going on a holiday was a big deal in the past because it was considered a ‘luxury’ item. It has to be planned in advance so that air tickets can be booked with the travel agent. Parents have to save enough money to bring the whole family on a holiday while kids start counting down to their ‘trip of the year’. Does all these sound familiar?

Now everyone travels like nobody’s business! With the rise of budget/low cost carriers, traveling has been made a lot easier. Competitive air fares with an increase in variety of carriers, make the airline industry a very competitive one with every airline wanting to get a share of their customers. And of course, the customers benefit the most with the variety, flash deals, special packages to choose from. It is now possible to purchase a air ticket at a steal today and jetting off tomorrow!

4. Travel Guidebooks vs. Travel Bloggers/Online Forums

Do you remember having to go to the library or the bookstore to flip the travel guidebooks for information? Now searching for information is hassle free that all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone! As scary as it sounds, the internet is now your gateway to information. With travel bloggers and online forums like Tripadvisor, vast information is easily obtainable by a click on the mouse. Now now… do not complain that there is too much information because more information/suggestions/opinions from other travelers, allow you to make a more informed decision when you are planning your trip.

Does all these sound soooo familiar? But that’s not all! Not forgetting the mandatory jump shot and selfie where the younger ones are fond of taking.

So the moral of the story if you are traveling today: never leave your camera, monopod and smartphone (with a internet or wifi connection) behind! Definitely essential to survive during your next trip. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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