10 Things That Happen When You Move In With A Neat Freak (And You’re Chronically Messy)

iStockPhoto.com / Ondine32
iStockPhoto.com / Ondine32

You’re a little messy. So what?! Don’t they say that messy people are more creative and intelligent anyway?

I am the Queen of Mess. Not to confuse mess with dirty. I consider dirty more like gross food left in the sink, dirty counters, floors, etc. That’s not what I am referring to here. I’m talking about MESSY!

Now, what happens when you put a chronically messy lady with a cleanfreak man into one living space?

If you’re a clean freak like my boyfriend, who I know refer to as “Mr. Clean”, you are not going to be happy to come home to clothes on the floor, ruffled up blankets on an unmade bed, and different items scattered about throughout the place.

If you are the messy person in this situation, you literally are not going to even realize that there’s anything wrong with the way you are doing things.

These are 10 things that happen when you’re Miss Messy & He’s Mr. Clean:

1. You have the “pile”– A pile of clothes in the corner of your room that will never go away. You may clean it up completely occasionally, but a few hours or a day later, it’s back. The pile is a combination of clean laundry that you didn’t feel like folding, clothes you tried on that morning but didn’t end up wearing, and who knows what else.

2. You literally cannot remember the last time you ever made your bed. Because, what is the point? Aren’t just going to get back in it later? Well, Mr. Clean says that you’ll have a better day if you make your bed and you’ll feel good coming home to a neat space. Um… I think he’s just saying that because he wants me to make the bed. How will making a bed make me have a better day? Also, I’d like to come home to a big pile of comfy blankets and pillows on my bed and just dive in.

3. Whenever you go somewhere with a lot of things, either traveling, or to a friend or family’s, it takes about 2.5 minutes for all of your stuff to be sprawled out everywhere. You don’t know how it happens, it just does! This drives Mr. Clean MAD.

4. Whenever you get back from a trip, your bags don’t get unpacked for days, weeks, maybe months? Ugh, you just got back from vacation! You don’t want to unpack, do laundry, and fold clothes- NO THANKS! You just start pulling things out of the suitcase as you need them. Eventually the bag will be empty, or so you figure.

5. Everything is lost. Constantly. You really need to get one of those little stickers you can stick on your phone and it will beep, because I lose that… probably every day, a few times a day.

6. You have a stack of cups, water bottles, mugs, or some other kind of rubbish collection that have been sitting on your desk or dresser for God only knows how long. You don’t know why, you don’t know how, but somehow there are 56 water bottles on your night stand and under your bed. Why don’t you just throw them out? Eventually… eventually.

7. You consider your mess an “organized mess”
and you convince yourself you know where everything is and it is just better this way. I try to get Mr. Clean to come to the dark side quite often. I convince him that he shouldn’t worry so much about keeping things clean, but I think messes make him crazy!

8. If someone else cleans up for you, you legit have no idea where any of your things are. When Mr. Clean cleans up my things, I can expect not to find something for weeks or months on end. How am I supposed to know what you thought was a good place to keep my Cajun Shrimp OPI Nail Polish?! And of course, once he cleans he doesn’t remember where he specifically put things.

9. Cleaning out your closets is dreadful, but it also feels like Christmas morning because you find a bunch of things you forgot you had. This makes Mr. Clean very happy because he gets some more space in our tiny closet that we share. But, you got to get me to clean out the closet first, which can be a task in and of itself.

10. Every time you try to get serious and get organized, you laugh, because you know it won’t look like that tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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