How To Deal With A Terrible Haircut

Shutterstock / Artem Furman
Shutterstock / Artem Furman

One of my resolutions is to be spontaneous! I want to be outgoing, daring, adventurous, and fierce. I, personally, think it’s a great goal and one that is shared by many, but the idea behind didn’t come from a good experience. I give you: How to deal with a bad haircut.

I’m that kind of girl; the one who loves romantic movies and sobs the whole time, the one who doesn’t actually order coffee from Starbucks, but some frappe-cappa-hold the whipped cream drink, the one who gets way too attached to her hair, but cuts it anyway. Yes, I cut my hair. And yes, it turned out terrible if you couldn’t already guess.

A few months back, I wanted to save a little money and so I thought I’d give a beauty school student a shot. I went in the salon and was immediately impressed by the professionalism of this workplace and so my hopes were undoubtedly high. I sat down in the chair and prayed this would be amazing. However, during this unfortunately traumatic experience, I managed to start crying. Why you might ask yourself. Good question, because I had no clue at the time.

It got to the point that I had to really knock it off, suck it up, and just take a deep breath before my anxiety kicked in. Once I did so, I asked myself the same question- why? I ended up with two answers. The first being that it was really short; like four inches shorter than I had asked for. And the second reason was that the blonde dye that I had previously had done in my hair was gone.

Like I said, I get super attached to my hair and during this two hour long haircut I was able to finally figure out why. My hair was the one part about myself, physically, that I was 100% comfortable with. It was the topic of conversations and compliments and I actually agreed with all of it. And after 10 snips, it was all gone. I, oddly enough, felt very vulnerable and then…selfish.

In that moment, I realized just how selfish I was acting. I thought of the amount of people in the world, especially young girls my age, who have cancer and due to chemotherapy, lost all of their hair, unwillingly. I thought about how they didn’t just get a bad haircut, they got a whole deck of bad cards.

I then realized how much there is in this world that is much greater than myself and that if I spent this much time and energy being upset and disappointed and focused it on something better, the world would be a much better place. This experience led to my resolution, be spontaneous because if I had not made the impulsive decision to get a haircut in the first place, I would’ve never learned this valuable lesson.

So, how do you deal with a bad haircut? You do just that- you deal with it. So, be spontaneous, daring, adventurous, and fierce. And when it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, because sometimes it won’t, remember how lucky you do have it and how there is something much greater than a bad haircut and something much greater than you and I. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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