If You Want Her In Your Life, You Need To Make Sure She Knows It

Meireles Neto

She’s sitting there alone. On her bed waiting for your call or text. Just sitting, wondering what she did wrong for you to not contact her all day.

She finally sends you a message, and you respond an hour later. You tell her you were waiting for her to text you, and that you were busy all day. She shakes her head in frustration. Why does she always have to initate the conversation? How come you are always “too busy” to call her for once?

What she doesn’t realize is that she shouldn’t have to be the one who always calls. She shouldn’t have to fight for your attention, or to be cared for. If you want her in your life, you should make sure she is. You should make her feel like the most beautiful, important woman in the world.

A relationship is a two way street. Two people are together, and two people both make each other feel loved. It’s not one person begging for another’s affection, nor is it someone who always feels pushed aside.

She use to say “Oh, that’s okay, I understand you’re busy”. Inside it was killing her though. It hurt, sometimes so deep that all she could do was cry and ask what can she could do to make things better.

Eventually she realized that the problem wasn’t her, the problem was you. You were the one who wasn’t being fair. You weren’t putting in the effort that you should have been to make it work. There was nothing she could do, because she did it all on her side.†It was you who needed fixed, not the relationship.

When you truly care for someone loving them is easy. It never feels like a burden to call, message, or make plans with them. On the contrary you are excited for it. You both help each other out, and build each other up, and never put the other person down.

A relationship is like a partnership, and you are running a business together. The business is your relationship, and in order for it to run smoothly, excel, and be successful, you both have to put the work into it. If there’s not an equal amount of time from both, it will slowly start to fall, and eventually everything will end up crashing.

If you want a powerful bond, one that never breaks, you must nourish it. Love it, fill it up with greatness. You have to want it, and want to make the other person happy. You want them to be happier than you, because that’s just as important to you as your own happiness is to yourself.

She now has dignity. She knows she was more important than what he made her feel. She is content with herself more than ever before. She knows that if you want her, you’ll make sure she knows it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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