Don’t Be Afraid Of Loving The Broken Girl

Camila Cordeiro

She had been shattered to pieces, more than one time. She has been pushed down, demolished, and stayed on the ground for a while. The pieces of her puzzle were lost, all over the place. Scattered at different areas she has gotten hurt.

One day, she found a piece, and started to slowly gather others back up. She put her puzzle back together, slowly but surely. After she finally got it collected, she was stronger than ever, and it made her passion grow more. She gained a strength from within her she never knew had, and she loved life, herself, and others more than she ever thought she could.

Just because you have had times of hardship doesn’t mean you can’t love, or be happy, or live again. Being broken down makes you realize how good it is when you have all of those. We can choose to live in our sorrow, or we can embrace all the postive aspects in our lives.

I have been that girl. I have been so low that I never thought I would be happy again, or love again. I was wrong.

When I love someone I love with everything I have. I take the chances of being hurt because we can’t avoid it in life, so why try to run? Instead grasp it, hold onto the moments. Knowing what it’s like to feel so down makes you want to give it everything, all that you got. After going through all of that battle, that fight, that terrible time of internal agony, happiness is something you never want to lose ever again.

Now this girl, she doesn’t want any pity from anyone. Just because she’s been fragmented doesn’t mean that her love, her life, her happiness is any different than anyone else’s. Actually, it might just be better.

Don’t be afraid of hurting her, because she has experienced enough already, and she knows that she can handle whatever comes her way.

At the end of the day, because I have been cracked, damaged, however you want to say it, I will love you with all of my heart and more. I know the incomplete feeling you can get from being let down, being hurt, or just from heartbreak. I most likely have dealt with it before, and I would never wish that another person feel that way.

So what I’m broken? I will love you more than you will ever even know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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