If You Want To Find Real Love, Put The Phone Down

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In the instantaneous world we live in, we find more often than not, that as millennials, we thrive off of it.

We enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle and the ability to get what we want, instantly when we want it.

We have completely disregarded the virtue of patience, and have come to worship our new expeditious lives.

Our generation so commonly accepts the idea of instant gratification, the concept that waiting for anything good is overrated, and that if one way is slower than the other it’s substandard.

But have we thought about the repercussions this idea of instantaneous gratification has put on us?

Have we even invested the time to simply think about the lack of special moments we’ve had in our lives in regard to receiving things because of how quick they’ve come?

We might be all appreciative of how quickly we get things, but we are all unanimous when it comes to loss.

And the fact that we find ourselves losing things, moments, people, and time just as fast as we get them, plays a role into the detriment we face with this hurried way of living.

We rely on swipes, and texts, and Snapchats to help define relationships we are trying to build.

We have gotten so caught up in the instant gratification we receive from our online universe that we have forgotten how precious real time is.

We have forgotten what it truly takes to build a connection with another person, and have become focused on the amount of text messages or Instagram likes that person gives us instead.

We have lost our value for quality and have become focused in on quantity.

Us millennials are constantly fighting with ourselves over being “ghosted” and “catfished,” and we can’t fathom why we aren’t falling in love authentically.

But we tend not to think that something as simplistic as putting our phones down and going out more focused in the world can help.

While love and heartbreak can exist over all platforms of life, we must not forget that good things truly take time.

That the best and most lasting of relationships don’t happen as instantly as a text or as often as a tweet, but rather through the true dedication to spending time and building a connection.

While our gadgets have made our lives easier in many ways, they’ve made love for us harder, and the only way to release the need for a lifestyle based off instant satisfaction is to let go.

Let go of the idea that everything is going to come to us with ease.

Let go of the need to feel satisfied at every minute of the day and indulge in the practice of patience.

Let go of the phones we so dearly rely on and let yourself get lost in reality.

Never forget to appreciate what our instant abilities gift us with, but never forget the patience that comes along with true love. TC mark

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