Why You Can’t Let The Burden Of Failed Relationships Ruin The Good Ones

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When seemingly every relationship you’ve had over time has one way or another crumbled before your eyes, you begin to think, it must be me.

Despite any red flag flown your way, the only rationale behind your failing relationships is the fact that despite so many men who have left you high and dry, you’ve been a part of all of them, and therefore, the fault must be yours.

Why is it that women are so quick to judge themselves when they’ve experienced more than one short-lived relationship?

Why is it that women time after time make excuses for bad men with big egos and alternately place the judgement within ourselves?

It’s easy to say we let men get in our heads and make us think about everything we did that wasn’t perfect after they bend and burn us.

But why is it, that we dedicate so much time and emotion to the aftermath of the bad relationships and no-good-men we let be a part of our lives?

More often than not, it’s because we can’t quite grasp, not the good, but the Y in goodbye.

The why certain men who gave their time and effort at one point, who made it seem like we mattered, like they cared, don’t even have a distinct reason for leaving.

Some men are scared of commitment while others are thrown off by timing. But all of the reasons in the world, and us ladies have certainly heard them all, never constitute to a good enough reason to ignore what once was and simply move on.

Women need to stop feeling bad about failed relationships and star focusing more on the good ones we’ve constructed for ourselves, the ones we’ve built to truly last.

The careers we’ve dedicated time and our livelihood too. The jobs that we flourish in, the skills we show off to the world.

The friendships that we’ve built up from childhood, high school, college, and beyond.

The relationship we have with ourselves, the most important one of all.

The ability to not doubt ourselves when a man decides we’re too much woman for him, or even if he claims, not enough.

The confidence we have to gain the ability to move on with our lives when we come to our senses, that some things just simply aren’t meant to be.

In a world where opportunity is everything, and everywhere, we are far too great to let the burden of our past failed relationships carry on the future relationships we will build in the future.

It’s time to start thinking less into why it didn’t work and more into why next time, and the time after that, it will get better, and better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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