8 Wonderful (And Not So Wonderful) Things That Happen When You Live Alone

One month ago I did a something I have wanted to do my whole life. I moved into a studio.

Growing up in a big family and carrying out an active and social life in my adult years, I am used to 100% of my day being sheer madness. With a new job and new goals, I wanted to get my taste of life alone in my own place while I still had the chance. While living alone in a small space has been absolutely wonderful, it wasn’t completely what I expected. Here are some of the things I have learned about solo studio life so far.

1. You never run out of room in the fridge

No more of that just-top-shelf nonsense. Now you’ve got whole shebang all to yourself and your overzealous Costco trips. In your new abode, you will always know which apples are yours, where the milk went and don’t even get me started on the freezer. Your very own full-sized fridge is a prize you have won. Enjoy it.

2. But…you never have anyone to blame for the dirty dishes

While you swear you didn’t eat Cheerios at 2 a.m. last night, it surely wasn’t your goldfish. You learn your lesson around day three of the rotten smelling sink and never make that mistake again.

3. No one will be there to kill the spiders

That terrifying, spine-chilling moment will eventually come when you innocently step into the shower and there it is. Staring at you with it’s million eyes, ready to kill you now that you are all alone. It is then that you know exactly the only thing you can do to save you. Make friends with your neighbors.

This is beneficial number one so they do not call the cops when they hear murderous screams from your apartment, but also because there is likely a braver soul in the group who just might be willing to save your spider-threatened life. Be proactive and take your neighbors cookies when you move in, this way you are already acquainted when sure spider-peril arrives

4. You realize you have WAY too much stuff

Your new 500 square foot place seemed so much bigger than your old bedroom, so why is there not room for anything? Now is the time you have to take a serious look at your old CDs, piles of unread books and 30 half empty Bath & Body Works lotions and really ask yourself how attached you are to them. It’s time to let go.

5. You take decorating very seriously

You’ve been dreaming of this moment since 1997 when American Girl came out withAmerican Girl Mini’s (Guys! Remember these!?) and from that moment on, all you wanted was your own 12×12 space to add bean bags and lava lamps to. Now while you don’t actually have much more space than that now, your very own space is finally big enough for you to enjoy. And even though you may not actually have “rooms” in your place, you are determined to theme each area to your pleasing. Mermaid bathroom, Tuscan kitchen, travel bedroom. Yeah, you have got this down.

6. Naked time is all the time

Your shower robe hangs lonely on the shower rack on the backside of your bathroom door. After enjoying your first, I-can-belt-Aretha-as-loud-as-I-want shower moment, you realized that your robe was no longer needed in your new palace. And the longer you have lived alone, the more random things you have done naked. Binge watched How I Met Your Mother, danced to your ABBA album, poached eggs, did a full Jillian Michaels workout.

When one dost liveth alone, one dost not needith clothes. (Real Shakespeare quote…maybe)


7. You realize utilities cost a lot more than you think

You get that first utility bill and your first reaction is pick up your phone and whine “Moooooommmm???” Yes, along with living in your naked, spidery, palace, you will have to dish out the cash for life necessities much more than you have been used to. To counter, you channel your inner Captain Planet and always turn unneeded lights off and take shorter showers. Saving the world one ghastly utility bill at a time. 

8. You can do whatever you freaking want

It’s really what it comes down to. Living alone is quite magical because it is really the only time in your life that you don’t have to please anyone else but yourself. As selfish as that sounds, having a solitude to return to every day can give you the relaxation, reflection and karaoke practice that you need to make you a better person when you step out of the door everyday. And that is reason enough for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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