An Ode To London


London, I miss you. You transformed me. You made me realize how pure my passions were and how promising the future is. You opened my eyes to a bigger world full of new perspectives and varying cultures. You taught me about the beauty of chaos and the importance of simplicity. You reminded me that I am stronger and braver than I let on. You are the reason why I am, me. However, like a rolling tide, my time with you has passed. I went back to my home while you stood firm. Now, I am left reveling in your brilliance.

London, I am lost without you. I am officially back at school. Months ago, it was a place that I felt I added value to. I belonged here. But, I am back and quite frankly, my heart is not. You know that saying “I left my heart in blank?” As cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds, that expression is so true. I left my heart in London. My physical being is here but everything else remains in that magical city. I am lost here. I feel like an empty body. I am shallow, lifeless and going through the motions. I have no urge to do anything and no desire to strive for anything better. I miss the excitement, the uncertainty and the adventure. I miss the ability to wake up and follow wherever my heart takes me. I miss feeling free. Now, I am back to meal plans, office hours and the occasional dinner date. I am back to the schedules, appointments and mounds of homework. I am back to reality and I miss my daydream.

No one can prepare you for this feeling. No self- help book or informational meeting can help someone get reacclimatized from such an introspective experience. I am constantly reassured that soon enough my time will come. I will adjust and the honeymoon phase will inadvertently die out. However, my love for London will not. It will forever remain a constant.

Cheers, London. Thank you for capturing my heart. For now, I will just listen to One Direction and imagine that I am frolicking around their homeland. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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