10 Things Every Psych Major Can Completely Relate To

Martin Gooden
Martin Gooden

1. The minute you start talking about a disorder and its symptoms: you start diagnosing yourself and the people around you.
You sit in class writing down all these symptoms and you start thinking you have the disorder. Then you walk out of class worried that you have it. Happens to all of us. Then you feel bad because you know you’re not supposed to do that due to conflict of interest.

For example: have you ever had someone vent to you and while they do so you sit there and diagnose them? And then you sit there for 20 minutes telling them what you think is wrong with them even though they just asked you a simple question?

2. You learn about Sigmund Freud so much that you could recite all of his theories in your sleep.
You learn about him once and you think that’s the end of it. Then you go on and on about him in all your classes and what’s really funny is when your professor even gets tired of talking about him.

3. You learn about APA so much it becomes annoying.
You learn about it in English, then you learn about it and use it in psychology class, then you have that one professor who decides to test you on it even though you’re all seniors and you know it backwards and forwards.

4. The DSM-5 is your Bible.
You keep it handy at all times, even under your pillow. You never know when you need to look something up.

5. You become more understanding of people around yo.
You start to see things in a different light and become more patient with people. You don’t get mad at the things you used to and you start see people differently. You appreciate everyone more and embrace differences and realize just how intolerant the world can be sometimes.

6. You realize ‘Normal’ is just a setting on a dryer.
Normal? What’s that?

7. You find every Psychology joke out there to be hysterical.
Been there done that.

8. There is always that one class that all of you have to take and you all dread it.
For me it was Statistics for the social sciences. Wasn’t fun. But I got through it.

9. You find you want to keep your psychology textbooks for the future.
Might be useful…you know…for self-diagnosing.

10. You love your major and your professors and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Even if it makes you crazy sometimes. TC mark


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