4 Incredibly Amazing And Spectacular Reasons To Live On Campus For 4 Years

I am finally finishing up college; after four years and two schools in two different states, I am done and I cannot wait until graduation (and not have roommates). Over the last four years, I have lived on campus. My college years would not have been the same if I lived off campus. Here are a few of the things that kept me wanting to live on campus every. Single. Year.

1. Fire Alarms

Do you only dream about being woken up at 5 AM on a Friday morning by the pleasant sound of a fire alarm? Then live on any college campus because there is a 100% chance that someone in the building you are living in doesn’t know how to make Easy Mac. I have been awoken from my slumber countless times over the years. The best part though is obviously listening to everyone outside (who is probably freezing their asses off) bitching about being up at a God forsaken hour of the day.

2. Emails

You receive a lot of emails in college from professors, people in group projects and, of course, your mother. Living on campus you get 1000 times more emails than anyone who lives off campus. My RA sends out approximately 10 emails a day. Every time there is an event, not only are there a million flyers around the building, but she feels the need to email us a million more times to remind us. My phone is constantly blowing up because of the amount of emails she sends. To make it better, whoever is in charge of all us college students in the building, sends out the same emails, but hey, the more the merrier….right?

3. Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi on a college campus should be ahh-mazing. Right? Nope. Granted it has gotten a little bit better over my times here, but I have learned to not procrastinate too much, because come 12:30-1:00 in the morning, the internet will probably be down for no reason. Sometimes, whoever is in charge of the wonderful Wi-Fi decides they are going to shut down the internet for a few hours for whatever reason. They send out another lovely email and let you know. The time the internet is going to be out is probably the only time you have to do your paper that is due the next day, so that is super convenient.

4. Roommates

I was able to pick my roommates every year of living on campus. It only worked out for two semesters and each time, my roommates who I picked, only lasted one semester. My sophomore year I lived with my best friends, then transferred. My senior year I lived with a friend, then she got picked to live in her sorority’s house. For all of the other semesters, I was given roommates who were always the absolute worst. From people having sex on the best 2 feet away from me to not doing dishes for three weeks, I have lived with them all. People always say that living with friends always turns out badly, but let me tell you, that is totally wrong. The semesters I lived with friends were the best semesters ever. Now I have to deal with a roommate who doesn’t speak any English and cooks food that smells like feet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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