6 Things I’m Doing Instead Of Finding A Job This Summer

Step Brothers
Step Brothers

When I came home from school for the summer, the last thing I wanted to do was job hunt. No one wants to hire a college kid to work for three months and possibly never come back after the summer. Going to school in North Carolina and living in Jersey do not really work out together when job hunting. So instead of job hunting for the past month here are all of the things I felt were more important.

1. Teaching my dog to walk.

“What? Doesn’t your dog already know how to walk?” That is the question I get when I tell people I am going to teach my little Lola to walk. And no, I mean I am going to teach her to walk on her two back legs. It is a hard task that I will accomplish by the end of the summer. And of right now she can walk about three steps and hey, that is three more steps than she could walk a few weeks ago!

2. Watching every episode of every show ever on HGTV

You never know when you are going to have to renovate you or your friend’s house or apartment. I have actually learned quite a bit about reno’s (that’s HGTV slang for renovate) by watching and I can probably tell you how to flip a house for only a few thousand dollars and I can tell you how to redo your bathroom to make it more “spacy”. I also learned that the people on House Hunters have no idea what they want in a house and are possibly the most annoying people on the face of the earth. 

3. Watching Bob’s Burgers

For any of you who have not seen this show, open up a new tab, log on to your Netflix account and watch the first episode. Before you know it, 5 hours will fly by and you will be starting season 2. It is just one of those shows that are so dumb that you just have to watch “one more episode” (which obviously means the rest of the season/series/all of the spinoffs). 

4. Golfing

I have no idea how to golf. I have watched it on TV and played some mini golf on vacation but I have never actually golfed on a real golf course. Recently my mom and I were watching the US Open and we decided to go to the driving range to become the next great golfers. I sucked (obviously because I had no idea what I was doing) but I got my mom to take some really awesome pictures of me for Instagram. I really only wanted to go to say that I went golfing, but I actually do like it so I am going to keep practicing until I am the best golf player in all the land. 

5. Trying to make Vines that go viral

Have you ever seen those Vines of people doing ridiculous things that they obviously spent all day/week/year/basically eternity practicing and it just looks awesome? Well my neighbor just showed my brothers, sister and I a Vine of a few guys passing around a ball as they all jumped one by one into a pool and the last guy to go would dunk the ball into one of those pool basketball hoops. Needless to say, the second she showed us, my two brothers, my sister, my neighbor and I had to try to recreate it. I will tell you, do not try to do anything that you see on Vine. The five of us spent like 2 hours trying to do it and it just ended up with some people fighting and everyone deciding that they were over it and don’t want to “do it for the Vine.”

6. Coming up with things to do to not have to apply to jobs

I have Googled everything to see if there was way to make money without having to work/leave my house/leave my bed/move in general and let me tell you there are not too many options unless you want to sell some of your body (not in a prostitution sort of way but in like a selling a kidney way). I basically just gave up my dream summer of watching as many seasons of TV shows on Netflix and applied to some jobs. It was probably one of the worst ideas that I have had this summer but hey, I will have to get over the fact that my dad will not pay me to teach the dog to walk on her back legs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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