What I Believe About Love (After Loving You)

Unsplash, Alisa Anton
Unsplash, Alisa Anton

I believe in smiling at passersby on the street or in the hallway,

softly for strangers,

with teeth for acquaintances, and

with hugs for friends.

I believe in calling loved ones regularly,

telling them ‘I love you’

and being specific about why.

I believe in writing long letters and emails

and hitting send,

so that people can reread magnificent things about themselves

when they need it most.

I believe in taking time to pray and ponder,

but also taking time to act and affect.

I believe in diving in headfirst

instead of dipping a toe,

having faith in the depth of the water

to keep me safe –

to surround me –

to bring me back to the surface.

I believe in trusting people,

Until they prove otherwise,

and then I believe in second chances

and third chances

and fourth.

I believe in being the best version of myself

and forgiving myself when I fail.

I believe in family time,

friend time,

self time.

I believe in adventures that take place across the world

and adventures that take place in the living room.

I believe in loving and loving and loving and not stopping, not ever stopping. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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