41 Ways I Hope He Shows You The Kind Of Love You’re Afraid Of

Molly Strohl
Molly Strohl

I hope he invites you over for his birthday
, and doesn’t tell you when you’ll have to leave by.

I hope he calls and wishes you a happy birthday at the strike of midnight, not on social media.

I hope he remembers your major after the first time you tell him.

I hope he buys you the vanilla & chocolate swirl, because he knows you can never decide between the two.

I hope he walks you to your car instead of watching from the window.

I hope he takes you out for brunch, or breakfast instead of late night Wendy’s.

I hope he orders you a Diet Coke, instead of Pepsi.

I hope he knows how much he means to you; not how mean he is to you.

I hope he introduces you to his parents, instead of an awkward run-in to the front door in the morning.

I hope he drives you home instead of asking you to drive him to his friend’s when you leave.

I hope he knows he has feelings for you the minute he lays eyes on you, instead of contemplating whether he does- or for that matter can.

I hope he takes you to museums and to your favorite restaurant, instead of his full size bed asking you to edit his paper.

I hope he celebrates his acceptance with you, because all he did was ignore my congratulations.

I hope he comes to visit you for the weekend, instead of 2 a.m. on a Wednesday.

I hope he gives you answers, instead of leaving them at just questions.

I hope he comes to see a game, instead of asking if you won.

I hope he lets you in, instead of shutting you out.

I hope he kisses your head, instead of messing with it for years.

I hope he tells you “I love you”, instead of typing it.

I hope he makes plans with you, instead of falling through.

I hope he makes time for you, instead of being too busy for you.

I hope he watches Friends with you, instead of Hey Arnold and calling you Helga.

I hope he isn’t blindsided when you fall for him, because it’s really hard not to.

I hope he’s there waiting at the front door with flowers for you, because he could never walk me to mine.

I hope he tells you he is in love with you too, instead of hoping to one day be.

I hope he treats you the way he adores his mother.

I hope he tells you he wants you, and only you- that you are it.

I hope he cares enough to give it another try, instead of moving on to something- someone new.

I hope he makes you feel like the best version of yourself, instead of feeling your worst because of him.

I hope he tells you how beautiful you are, instead of tugging on your arm fat that he points out.

I hope he fights for you, instead of walking away from “what could be”.

I hope he he loves you in the way that you want to be loved.

I hope he makes you feel like number one and not seven, or eight.

I hope he does everything he never could for me, to you.

I hope he makes you feel special and important instead of the back burner.

I hope you know what you’re getting into, though you never will until your fully in it.

I hope he doesn’t break you the way he’s broken me.

I hope he cares enough to tell you the truth, because I’ve still never gotten it.

I hope he doesn’t realize you’re the one, after you’ve already left.

I hope he is the man I have always had faith in him becoming, but never being that man for me.

I hope he loves you, every second, reminds you every day how lucky he is to have you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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