4 Reasons Why Kourtney & Scott Are Doing It Completely Right

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We all remember the episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, when Scott’s planning to propose to Kourtney. When Scott asks Kourtney what her opinion of marriage Kourtney responded,

If things are so good now… why would we want to change that?”

In that moment America’s hearts broke in a million little pieces for everyone’s favorite boy they hate to love, Scott Disick. It’s no secret that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are one of the world’s most popular couples. While they are popular – they are anything but conventional. The two lovebirds have been dating for so long; have two kids (and one on the way – yay!) and still, no ring. There is no denying they love each other however people everywhere can’t help but wonder – why not get married?

Some may see their lack of wedding vows as a bad thing. They see it is commitment issues, trust issues, and all other sort of issues you can possibly think of. However if you ask me, the reality star pair is doing it completely right. Here are just four of the thousands of reasons this duo is doing it perfectly right.

1. Mason & Penelope – and the third baby on the way

For starters – the pair has raised two beautiful children, and is planning on raising a third. They have brought two amazing gifts to this world – how can you possibly label that as wrong? We are all suckers for a good Mason or Penelope picture, am I right? Some may argue they are bringing them up in an unstable home having the parents not be married. Sure, if you call living a life of luxury, with a loving family unstable, I guess you’re right. Of course – money doesn’t make it right – but by no means are these kids in any sort of danger of an unstable home because there is no ring.

2. They stay true to their own feelings 

Another reason why this power duo is doing it right is because; they are preventing themselves from having to put their kids through the painful process of divorce. I’m not saying the two are bound for a breakup but it’s clear the thought of marriage scares Kourtney based on her own families history – so keeping their family more modern is in their best interest for the time being. Plus, they have their own issues that make them feel a certain way – and playing true to those emotions is the best interest for a long, happy relationship.

3. Not sticking to the status quo 

You fall in love, you get married, you have babies – that’s the traditional way. However Scott and Kourtney did this all out of order, and that’s kind of really cool. By doing things their own way, and not sticking to the status quo of the rest of the world they are able to keep their very public life, sort of private. Of course we were all there when Scott struggled with partying too hard and drinking too much, and saw it all lay out on national television and obviously, we were also there for Kourtney’s momentary lesbian love affair. However – the two keeping their relationship somewhat at bay and not falling into the demands of the world allows them to keep their relationship their own and as private as they can.

4. With or without a label, they are strong 

This couple has proven for many, many years that they can do it without the ceremony and the marriage certificate. Of course marriage is so much more than just the ceremony and the certificate – and duh, the ring. However, all the other lovely moments that make a marriage a marriage like – going on dates, sharing the ups and downs of your days, leaning on one another in hard times – are not being ignored by the two, despite their lack of marriage. They are very much in love and do very in love type of things. However, the two do not need a ceremony, a ring, or a certificate to prove that to them. They have shown time in and time out, they love each other very, very much – with a ring, or without. So when the time comes that they want to get married, the two know they have a lasting relationship.

Say what you want about the power couple but they are definitely in love. There’s no denying that. The two just bring about a different, and more modern way of doing it and if you ask me they are doing it completely right. There is no reason you have to get married, there is no one stopping you from just keep doing what you’re doing with the person you love, despite it not being the norm. Of course – if you want a wedding, have a wedding but it’s definitely not always needed in some relationships as proven by Kourtney and Scott. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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