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To The Boy I Met At The Bar

We come across people for no matter other than to capture specific moments and to see the beauty of human interaction and of plot lines colliding; the why the story is individually decided, because we all see different themes.

She’s More Than Skin And Bones

Strangers enter the train and you lose the liberty of an empty train to commit your sins. But you continue to look at her until she gets off, you stare at her as if she’s prey. She’s more than skin and bones.

To The Boy With A Cigarette

Take me apart and I’m sure you’ll find some stardust in me, some remnants of long lost stars in my veins. If so, then maybe the question isn’t, who the stars shine for, but which ones shine, the ones in the sky or the ones here? Can’t people shine for each other? Why do we need to look up for guidance when it could be amidst us or even within?

How To Fall In Love With Him

Talk of trivialities at first, surroundings, people, weather, and things of that sort. Share your unwritten Wikipedia pages. Watch one of you laugh with nerves. Admit to this, admit how novel this feels for the both of you but also, how promising.

When He’s Drunk And He Calls You

He never learned though, he never learned or accepted your departure. He thinks he’s moved on when he’s sound and sober, but when he’s drunk, really drunk, he’s the victim of his own nostalgia.

What Happens When Love Leaves You

Love promised honesty, promised you they would be clear of their feelings, no matter how unpleasant. Love promised but only ever lied because when things went astray, love picked up their bags without even a goodbye.

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