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The Uncertainty Of Growing Up

Uncertainty of Growing Up

You aren’t just liable for yourself anymore and you don’t have the insurance of infinite time. The implications of your choices have more power now and you realize you aren’t as free as you thought you would be.

Happiness Is Fleeting

There will be anxiety and you will be an infusion of nerves, susceptible to the slightest trigger. Each feeble disappointment, each missed bus or train, each misplaced item, each will be a catalyst.

This Is How He Loves You

He doesn’t just remember but cherishes these memories of you. Each and every memory is a stretched tale told as if the story of you and him is an ancient fable.

The Art Of Holding On

You will be fixated on misery and grief internally. Not always but in fleeting moments, it always comes back. In your mind you will always resort to whatever pained you.

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