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Let’s Be Each Other’s Everything

I want us to be a source of anticipation and relief. I want us to be each other’s favourite company, the afterthought after a long day of work that brings a smile to our faces as we realize what awaits when we reunite at home.

To The Boy Who Drank Whiskey (And Enraptured Me Instantly)

He looks at me now, knowing fully I have brushed aside his caution. There’s no going back now; we know it. He orders more drinks and we move between each other’s tales. At this point, the contents become blurred because the damage was already done. He had my intrigue and curiosity and I was fully entrenched into his story.

Please Don’t Leave Me To Travel The World

The new cities you dream of won’t solve anything. They too are restless and lonely. It’s not as adventurous or as novel as you may imagine. The constructs you have created, the expectations you have foolishly upheld, will only make you disappointed when you realize what awaits you.

The Letter I Never Gave You

I hardened. So much that I never really opened up to you. I think you met me amidst a transition. I am not sure who I was when our paths first crossed.

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