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Why I Tell You I Love You

And I don’t know exactly what my last words will be, or when life perishes. But I have some personal conviction that the greatest last words are three simple words — I love you.

When Love Moves On

You think it can’t be too late. A simple hello would be polite. Just a few words, just a few minutes, you tell yourself. A few minutes will not mask your guilt, but you tell yourself it will.

While You Were Sleeping

In your arms, watching you like this, I gained stability and clarity. In that moment, I discovered a certainty I never wanted to awake from.

Smile With Your Eyes

Don’t smile. Overt emotion is overrated. Conceal and you have me intrigued. There’s mystery, maybe a game or a chase. Don’t show me, let me guess. Let me try and decipher the sentiments hidden in your gaze.

Let’s Go For A Walk Together

And maybe we are too impatient, or maybe this city lacks a sufficient amount of Starbucks, but sit-down encounters do not work for these types of stories. These stories have vividness and energy that can only be matched with movement.

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