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Why I Tell You I Love You

And I don’t know exactly what my last words will be, or when life perishes. But I have some personal conviction that the greatest last words are three simple words — I love you.

When Love Moves On

You think it can’t be too late. A simple hello would be polite. Just a few words, just a few minutes, you tell yourself. A few minutes will not mask your guilt, but you tell yourself it will.

While You Were Sleeping

In your arms, watching you like this, I gained stability and clarity. In that moment, I discovered a certainty I never wanted to awake from.

Smile With Your Eyes

Don’t smile. Overt emotion is overrated. Conceal and you have me intrigued. There’s mystery, maybe a game or a chase. Don’t show me, let me guess. Let me try and decipher the sentiments hidden in your gaze.

Let’s Go For A Walk Together

And maybe we are too impatient, or maybe this city lacks a sufficient amount of Starbucks, but sit-down encounters do not work for these types of stories. These stories have vividness and energy that can only be matched with movement.

I Want You To Stay

There’s some quote about leaving while the party is still running, before the dance ends. Defy that fallacy, please for me. Let the party keep running, let the dance ensue.

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