How To Be The Person Who Loves More

This is a script you know too well, the one marked by repetitive strife and hurt. It’s etched in your memories. Your bones can feel it. Your skin will crawl at its onset. When pain and its creators come knocking at your door, your soul experiences that familiar trauma over and over.

How did you get here? How did you become so prone to suffering? What happened to you and your once vibrant energy? Who stole your former vitality?

We are all once impressionable. Our starting point is never one of such agony. We enter this world with wide eyes gleaming of hope but over time, life happens. Life and all of its varying characters and storylines leave their marks. Experience after experience has its everlasting side effects. We endure and endure until we cannot and we wake up one day scarred and afraid.

This is a script you know too well. Its familiarity leaves you trembling. You don’t want to repeat the ache so you do what you know best. You hide from the world. You retreat to your safe space. You build up walls to prevent further perpetrators of hurt from entering. You tell yourself this withdrawal is for your own benefit but is it?

What if we shifted the narrative? What if we changed the circumstances? What if we rewrote the script?

I want you to write a new story. This your reflection point of change, this is the moment where you become something novel, something ameliorated. This is the moment where you learn to become the person who isn’t afraid. This is the moment where you blossom into the person who loves more instead of less.

Choose love in every instance and every interaction. Kindness is your antidote in a world of endless hurt and pain. Life will disappoint, people will disappoint but don’t let that stop the downpouring of your compassion. There will be an infinite array of struggles awaiting you but I want you to choose love anyway. I want you to be resilient, stubborn even with the degree of love you will hand out. The person who loves more is the forgoer of forgiveness and is relentlessly empathetic. Even if you don’t internally believe it, even if your soul seems empty, I want you to choose love. With every bone in your body and every element of your spirit, be the embodiment of hope the world so desperately graves.

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