You Are A Strong Woman

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These words are for you, dear reader, whoever and wherever you may be. These words are the antidote to the misery life has subjected you to. These words are the rope you needed to escape the dark and dreadful hole you’ve been enclosed in for too long. These words are your liberty.

Someone or something put you here in this predicament. Someone broke your heart, someone disappointed you. Someone abandoned you, someone never showed up. Something happened, something catastrophic. Disease burdened you. Death came knocking at your door. Tragedy stuck not once but multiple times striking you over and over to ensure your demise. Someone, something and everything came to burn you alive.

But they didn’t succeed. No, they failed at their intention to finish you. You took their hits, felt the pain ache in your bones. You felt the burns as they scarred your skin. You saw them douse the gasoline on your soul. You watched your former self and all of her vitality get smothered in the flames.

They didn’t finish you. No, they just killed the old you and all of her defects. Gone was the naivety and impressionability. Gone was the codependency and attachments. Gone was the victimhood and feebleness.

They didn’t finish you. No, they just conveniently got rid of what you needed to part with anyway and for that, you express gratitude upon your resurrection. After the flames die out, you rise from the ashes and look directly at the perpetrators’ surprised eyes. You will not hesitate and you will speak with conviction, as the first words to leave your mouth are thank you. Thank you for the slaughter, thank you for the pain. Thank you for the reminder of what no longer is and what remains.

You are no longer weak. You are no longer at the beck and call of desolation. No, instead what remains is an impermeable shield that is your aura. You are not susceptible to any harm for you have survived the worst of life and still found yourself standing. You are an unyielding force of reckoning and with every step you take from this day forward, the world will tremble in fear. Your resilience is unmatched for, unseen by the heroes of the past. You are what legends are made of. You are a strong woman and may you never forget that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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