Listen To The Voice In Your Heart, Listen To The Voice Of God

There’s a voice in your head reciting words of doubt. There’s a voice in your head that plays your insecurities like a broken record on repeat. There’s a voice in your head that keeps a detailed log of your every alleged failure and conveniently lost the recordings of your success.

I can’t believe you did that, it tells you. That was so embarrassing, it repeats. What will others think? You’re such an idiot, it concludes, carrying on with continuous judgmental remarks. 

But why give power to this imposter? Why give weight and control to this single voice? Why allow this one demeaning voice to break you down? Why not consider an alternative?

There’s another voice in your heart. There’s another voice in your heart defined by pure love and compassion. There’s another voice in your heart that yields understanding over judgment. There’s another voice in your heart that sings the hymns of your accomplishments.

This voice in your heart is the voice of God, and he is louder than the voice of doubt. The anxiety that cripples you, the irrational thoughts that leave you unhinged – it all ceases when you decide to listen to your heart. Listen to the voice in your heart. Listen to the voice of God. Listen to the narrative of faith. Listen to the optimism that faith elicits. Listen intently and you will rediscover what hope feels like. Allow yourself this one opportunity to push back the curtains of uncertainty and insecurity. Allow yourself to feel the warmth coming from your heart. Allow yourself to treat your soul with compassion and kindness. Allow yourself to be whole again.

God did not create you to live a life of worry and self-destruction. God created you to be extraordinary. That anxious voice in your head and all of its nonsensical remarks face their demise. Empathy has returned. Self-love is the new narrative. For today you have chosen your heart and the voice of God and allowed conviction to heal you again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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