It’s About Time Someone Told You How Amazing You Are

Rikky Alves / Unsplash

You don’t hear it enough, do you? You don’t hear the words that you need. You don’t get the words of acknowledgement that you deserve. You don’t receive the reassurance that is freely given out to others. No, instead you are subjected to silence.

You tell yourself that you don’t need the support of others. You tell yourself that you are self-sufficient and independent. You tell yourself that you are strong enough to be your own cheerleader. And that is all grand and true, but when did self-reliance mean you are not deserving of attention from others? Why is strong associated with being a single party of self-praise? 

You don’t have to be your own cheerleader. You don’t have to navigate life on a single lonesome train in silence. Allow me to rectify the muteness and shout out to the world and to you, of your worth.

It’s about time someone told you how amazing you are. And that internal voice in your own head doesn’t count.

It’s about time someone else stood in front of you and looked straight into your eyes and spoke of your ceaseless spirit with pure conviction. I want you to see it; I want you to see the clarity with which these words are spoken. I want you to hear the absence of doubt in my tone and in my words. I want you to know that there is no hesitation in these following truths. I know the following statements to be facts; I know you are smart, strong and beautiful. I know you are incessantly resilient and unyieldingly spirited. I know you are incredibly selfless with a heart full of empathy and compassion. I know your intentions are always pure and your executions of them are no different. I know you give out more love to others than what is reciprocated back to you. I know that you refuse to change the amount of love you hand out even with an unequal distribution because that’s the type of person you are. You are admired by everyone in any setting and you are met by little detestation if any at all. You are synonymous to perfection even if it feels far reaching to say so. Not a single fault can be spoken of you.

You are remarkable in every detail imaginable. TC mark

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