I Want You To Choose Love

Marcelo Matarazzo / Unsplash

It’s hard, I know. It’s hard to keep your composure when the weight of life and its struggles overwhelm you. It’s hard not to fall and give in to defeat. It’s hard to maintain a straight face when underneath you are pained. It’s hard to keep the façade on repeat, to be always smiling and the epitome of “I’m fine and nothing’s wrong.” It’s hard to keep up the lies. It’s so fucking hard. I know. I’ve been there too. I know the taxing burden firsthand. I know the burden of being the recipient of endless hurt and the hopeless dread that comes with it. One can only handle so much agony before thoughts of irrelevance cross their mind. What’s the point of getting out of bed? What’s the point of doing the things you once enjoyed? What’s the point of the seeing people you once deeply cared for? What’s the point of existing?

Let me give you a point, a reason to persist when life hands you its difficult cards. Allow me to paint a picture of relevancy. Let me rectify your vitality that your jaded perspective has hindered. Allow me to return the fire and passion you once had for life. Allow me to resurrect your optimism.

When life hands you another problem, I don’t want you to hide. I don’t want you to recoil in defeat. I don’t want you to internalize the pain. I don’t want you to harden and please above all, I don’t want you to carry that hurt onto others. Hurt people may inevitably perpetuate that hurt forward but I want you to break the cycle.

I want you to choose love. I want you to choose love in every moment and every interaction. Kindness and compassion are your weapons of survival in a world that may care little for you. I want you to choose love despite what happens to you, despite whom or what hurts you. Life will disappoint, people will disappoint. Your career may not go as intended. Friendships may fade. Family members will die. Heartbreak will come knocking on your door. There will be an infinite array of struggles awaiting you but I want you to choose love anyway. I want you to be resilient, stubborn even with the degree of love you will hand out. People will look at you in awe and be taken back by how you are relentlessly empathetic. Be the forgoer of forgiveness and shrug off the overwhelming life struggles as mere nuisances. Even if you don’t internally believe it, even if your soul seems empty, I want you to choose love. I want you to fill every void and every fleeting thought of uncertainty with an unyielding love for life. TC mark

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