If Your Heart Is Broken, Trust That God Will Find You Someone Better

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I know how you feel. I know the devastating emotions that plague you. I can see the symptoms of heartbreak all over you. I can see the scars of your heart on the exterior. I can see the desolation in the pained look of your eyes. I can see the aftermath of nights of endless crying. I can see the loss of color and vitality in your face. I can see the weight loss from being too upset to eat. I can sense the apathy towards the things that once gave you joy. I can sense how you want to seclude yourself and sob away into waste.

I know how you feel. I know the forlorn sentiments that plague your mind. I can sense the hopelessness circling you and overshadowing your once optimistic aura. I know you have lost your faith but I caught yours before it could escape and today I am returning it to its rightful owner.

Listen to me when I say this is not the end. This is not a definite ending but an opportunity for something ameliorated and new to come into your life. Listen to me when I say that this is not the despairing tragedy you may believe it to be. For every loss, there is a win and for every tragedy, there is a resurrection – this is the fundamental cycle of life. And if my words are falling short of changing your mind, listen to the one voice that watches over us all.

If your heart is broken, trust in God. Trust that God has a reason for this current predicament of your journey.

Trust that God has a greater plan for this ordeal. Trust that God needs you to experience this pain so you can build strength and resilience. Trust that God is preparing you for what comes next.

If your heart is broken, trust that God will find you someone better, someone worthy of a kind soul like yours. Trust in God because you are not alone. God is watching over you and have faith that he will deliver a novel and improved love that mends hearts rather than breaking them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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