If You Must Break My Heart, Please Do The Following

Valentin Lacoste / Unsplash

If you must break my heart, please do it as follows.

Just pull the plug. Make it swift, quick and easy. Do not hesitate. Do not for one moment reflect with guilt for what you are about to do. Do not second guess your decision because we both know you made the decision for this ending a long time ago. So don’t lie to yourself in the moment and begin to contemplate if you might regret this. You won’t. You won’t regret ending something you never loved in the first place.

How do I know of your absent love? Your actions tell me so. You don’t hurt what you love. You nourish what you care for. You show what you love empathy and consideration but all you ever demonstrated were sharp knives of contempt.

I can only conclude it was contempt that drove you to hurt me over and over. Why else would you have left me in ruins? Why else would you have been so selfish? Why else would you have used me and exploited my kindness? Why would else would you have cheated and insulted my love with such blatant neglect?

You aren’t breaking my heart in this moment. This ending is just a formality, the one ounce of decency seeping through your significant idiocy. The actual break-up occurred a long time ago. My heart shattered piece by piece with each hurtful action I should have seen as clues for the inevitable. It’s always in hindsight when we realize the origins of our hurt.

We always realize the truth when it’s too late.

It’s too late to rectify your wrongdoing. There is no remedy for this. Forgiveness may alleviate the pain but I can’t forget what has been done. The hurt will always linger. The hurt you caused will always remain. For you see, scars don’t completely vanish but just diminish in appearance and the scars of heartbreak are no different. The faintest scars of your hurt will still mark me as a reminder of what not to repeat.

So let’s this be a lesson for both of us of what to do and not to do. And most importantly, let this be a lesson for you to end what you never loved without additional pain. Please don’t drag the next girl on an endless assembly line of sorrow like you did with me. Learn from the present wreckage so the next girl has it better than I ever did. TC mark


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