I Will Be Your Steady Hand

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Everything hurts. Your body aches and your head is pounding, but it’s not just physical representations of pain that plague you; your soul is also crying. Your soul is crying for help. It wants its suffering to be acknowledged. It wants the scars to be noticed and the despair to just be seen.

I see it though. I see your agony. I recognize all that eats away at your vitality. I can observe all of the life struggles that overwhelm you. I can see all of the pain because it is happened to me too.

I know your experience firsthand. I know how suffocating it can be to be burdened with so many struggles. I know how defeated you must feel at the endless crap life throws at you. I know how it feels when an assembly line of sorrow comes your way. I know the paralyzing realization that hits you when you feel absolutely helpless.

But you are not alone. Contrary to the doubting thoughts that run in your mind, you are not alone. Believe me when I say it. Believe me when I reaffirm with conviction that you are not alone because you have me. You’ve always had me. I never strayed. I’ve been here the entire time. You’ve just been blinded by all that crushes you. I understand though. It can be difficult to see the rainbow behind the sun if the misty clouds obscure your vision.

Let me be your rainbow. Let me color your black and white world. Let me be your sun even. Let me be the certitude of positivity that rectifies your pain.

I will be your steady hand. I will be the reliable blanket you can use to take cover from the cold dreadful misery of life. Let me keep you warm. Go ahead, rest your head on my shoulders and lean on me. You are not alone in this journey. You will always have the unswerving and dependable company of a friend like me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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