Dear Strong Girl, Let Him Take Care Of You

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You must have grown up on a certain mantra, a certain set of principles instilled by your progressive parents and society in general. You must have been told over and over about the importance of self-sufficiency. You were told to do well in school, get a good education, and a corresponding career. You were told that you didn’t need anyone but yourself. You were reminded, with good intention I would like to think, that you were strong and independent. You were told these remarks with the intention to build your confidence and success but somehow the goodwill of the past has morphed into your current case of misery.

When did self-sufficiency equate to isolation? When did being independent mean that you would hardly let anyone in? When did the lines blur between these concepts and why are you in this present lonely predicament?

Dear strong girl, it’s okay; it’s okay to let the reigns go. You don’t have to hold the fort down on your own anymore. The burden is no longer just yours. Don’t you see that there are others capable of helping? Don’t you see the willingness in their eyes to assist? Don’t you see the presence of the one who has been standing in front of you all this time, patiently waiting for you to let him in?

You don’t need to hold on to any fears. He is not a repeat of past mistakes. He is not a reincarnation of the idiocy you previously experienced. He is what you have deserved this entire time. He is patience and empathy. He is kindness and strength. He is the right mix of everything you’ve wished for so open your eyes to what awaits.

Dear strong girl, let him take care of you.

You won’t lose your sense of independence. You will still be all of those synonyms of self-sufficiency you were raised and taught to be. Dear strong girl, let him take of you so you can go ahead and rest. Take a moment to step back. Breathe. The world and all of its problems are not yours to fix. You deserve the same compassion and attention you give out to others. The adoration is yours for the taking so take it and let him in. TC mark

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