Tell The World To Fuck Off, And Stay Here In Bed With Me

Gabi E. Mulder
Gabi E. Mulder

Please, stay. Stay here in the warmth of these sheets. Don’t move; let the internal alarm clock subside. You don’t need to arise, not today at least. Forget about work. Forget about all of the deadlines and meetings. Let’s commit a little white lie and call in sick. I know you’re sick and tired of the routine. I know you’re sick and exhausted by the dullness of the day-to-day grind. I know what you would rather do; I can see it in your eyes. Just consider my proposition and don’t leave. Let your inhibition recede and please, stay here with me.

What shall we do? Such a question is novel to our ears. We haven’t had the taste of such liberty in our schedules for a while. The world we are accustomed to has its hours planned by responsibilities and commitments. There is always something that beckons our attention, something of alleged necessity that we must address. We live to chase a to-do list we can never complete.

But not today.

Today, we unshackle ourselves. Today, we have decided on an action contrary to our usual conduct. Today, we willfully choose insubordination and eloquently tell all that beckons us to fuck off.

What shall we do? The possibilities are limitless. We could lay here all day, in this bed in ease. We could fall back asleep only to arise later in the day. Maybe then we could meander to the kitchen and cook a breakfast we normally never have time for. Pancakes would be nice I reckon, a stack of pancakes to celebrate our day off. We could talk, you know, and not be in a hurry. We could listen to each other’s words and for once, actually hear each one of them. We could share stories in between bites of our food. We could leisurely bask in each other’s company until our plates run dry and we look at ourselves contemplating our next option.

Maybe then we could venture out the door and find ourselves on a spontaneous adventure. We could drive away on a day trip; maybe venture into the woods of the far-reaching mountains. Or we could drive into the city we’ve always known and explore the hidden gems we have yet to see. Shall we be impostors, and join the hoards of tourists that flock to the city? We could rediscover these streets and capture the vast hope we felt the first time we laid our eyes on them. We could do these things or others, whatever speaks to our desires. We could be born anew, refreshed by the simplicity of a day’s rest. For today is our day, ours to determine and ours to govern. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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