When Happiness Hits For A Moment

Mathew Bedworth
Mathew Bedworth

There’s a feeling in our chest right now. It’s gleaming through our eyes as well. It’s a feeling we don’t normally experience. It’s almost unsettling if we’re honest. We don’t know how long will be permitted to feel this way. But we don’t question it. Instead, we embrace it.

How did it happen? How did it even occur? Maybe it was something one of us said. Maybe it was a joke or a funny story. Maybe it was an action or a gesture that triggered the emotion. Maybe it was the bright weather and its promise of a good day. Maybe it was the positive energy of the company we kept. Or maybe it was the combination of all these inputs that laced together to create the moment we were happy.

Whatever the source may be, it’s now long forgotten. We’re too consumed by the feeling to focus on anything else. The trivial worries that normally trouble us are put aside for something better, something we hardly experience. How rare it is to feel like this, to see the glass half full rather than empty. How remarkable it is to believe in the good again, to see the light where it was formerly extinguished.

We’re the manifestations of what antidepressants promise but can never achieve. We’re the embodiment of sheer happiness. We’re entrenched in mania, our smiles bursting into laughter. Our chests are finally alive again, as the air rushes in to our deprived lungs. We’re refreshed, our tired souls now reborn.

How long does will this last? In actual time, our bliss is miniscule and maybe even irrelevant. We won’t recall why we felt like this or the date of when it all occurred. The only lasting impression we’ll have is the feeling itself and it’s limitless. The moment was not fleeing, we’ll say, it was infinite.

And with that faith, we don’t give in. We persist on despite commonplace knowledge. There’s a saying that dictates to leave the party early, while it’s still up and running. But we aren’t obedient kids who listen to words of wisdom. No, we are the ones who knowingly defy them. We should stop while we’re at it, stop the laughing and hysteria. We should end on this happy footnote but we don’t. We’re seeing this moment through, pushing its boundaries to the peak. We’re milking every endorphin until our minds are dry and crash back into desolation.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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