The People We Must Keep

Joe St.Pierre
Joe St.Pierre

Family, friends, loved ones – a multitude of titles for what really is just one concept.These are all synonyms for a certain type of people in our lives. They are people of value to us. They are people we love in varying definitions. They are the people we must keep, but how do we know? How do we distinguish them from the rest?

It can be a difficult feat recognizing the ones that matter. This world of ours is notorious for imposters. There are far too many who exist for self-interest, whose sole intent is a one sided relation. They exploit when it suits them and leave when you need them. Be weary of these deceitful types. They aren’t as apparent as you may think. They roam amongst your current circles I’m sure. Look around at everyone you know and question their presence.

Why are they in your life? How did they become a character of your story? And when do they emerge before you?

The timing of their presence is the deciding factor. Do they arrive at times of convenience, when they only realize your worth as it suits their needs? Do they show up during “the good times”, on birthdays, holidays and celebrations? Do they only remember you on these passing milestones? Are you just their seasonal fix when they are hungry for company?

The people we must keep are not the ones who always appear. They may arise when times are good but it’s a fallacy to define worthy people as a measurement of how many birthdays or holidays they attend. These events are minuscule in their significance to our lives. When has anything celebratory served as a test of resilience, character or personal development?

The people we must keep are the ones next to you when life goes astray. When colors are drained from the sky, when you succumb to a deepening tragic hole, they come to your side shovels prepared, ready to dig you out to a more liberating end.

The people we must keep are the ones who understand selflessness at its core. Their presence is not defined by convenience but necessity. They don’t just knock on your door on a sunny day, no; they come hastily even when it rains. These people, the ones we must dearly hold on to, emerge when we need them the most.

These are the people that matter, the ones who stand by you even when you do harm because they see the good in worst of the crooks. They understand that to be human, is to be fallible and to be a creature of error. With them, there is no right or wrong, there are no reservations. These are the people you must keep, the ones of unyielding loyalty whose love does not waver at any expense.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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