This Is Your Comeback

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Franca Giminez

The world has left you bare and empty-handed. You feel defeated. You’ve failed but even that sounds too forgiving. The vindictive truth is you’ve fucked up everything and then some.

So you retreat, hide under the covers and keep criticism at bay. You don’t want to hear the judgment of others or see their looks of disgust and disappointment because you know it all too well. Your mistakes are a reel in your head.

In this process of failure, you’ve lost many things but nothing as detrimental as your sense of self. Your confidence has depleted. You are no longer sure of your choices and actions so you proceed with extreme caution. Criticism decrees you have much to fix to redeem yourself. You accept this sentence and exist in the detached shadows of your former self.

The critics are ravenous for judgment and are opportunists who cease your falls to further their agenda. They scold you for your strengths and strip you of your morale. They redefine your strengths as impediments and tell you to work on your weaknesses. They play the clever game of diction and remold your tenacity and ambition as “hard to work with” and “ego” because they see you as a threat to their submissive status quo. But do not listen to their coward remarks. They are nothing more than powerless pawns in a blind play of social forces.

But I am here to tell you, remind you of your brilliance. Do not apologize for what defines you. You are not a burden in any capacity. You are an advantageous addition to a hollow world in need of conscious thinking. Realize that your strengths are the seeds to your growth, not your weaknesses. The latter will only perpetuate doubt and defeat. Focus on your strengths and you will grow in ways you have always dreamed of. Wake up from your defeated stupor and reclaim yourself and your individuality. This is your comeback, this is your resurrection. Hold the sun in your hands and see how little it burns and how much you can and will accomplish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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