Smile With Your Eyes

Don’t smile. Don’t. You’re more beautiful this way. A smile is impeding, it erodes the beautiful construct that is your face. When you smile, you are dismissible, a slight appreciation of cuteness that is numbered. Yet when you are like this, expressionless with your lips just idle, you are mesmerizing, spill my coffee, drop my keys, fall off my seat level of distraction that imprints for days.

Don’t smile. Overt emotion is overrated. Conceal and you have me intrigued. There’s mystery, maybe a game or a chase. Don’t show me, let me guess. Let me try and decipher the sentiments hidden in your gaze. 

Smile but not conventionally. Your teeth are nice I’m sure, marble white and fixed straight. They don’t tell me anything though, they don’t evoke a story. 

But your eyes, they scribe fables, orchestrate legends.

They are not dark and soulless as you so often complain, no your eyes are a catalyst of light. Irony maybe. The darkest of blacks, yet the brightest of whites. There is a slight glimmer, a paltry flicker each time you blink. A small firewood blazes in the center of your iris, emitting warmth, comfort and passion. Your gaze equally scorches but subdues, burns but soothes. 

Smile with your eyes. Enflame me. Encompass me in your new anecdote. Let’s personify that line from John Donne: My face in thine eyes, thine in mine appears. Let’s just live in each other’s gaze. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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