Be The Brave Girl — Go After Your Own Happiness


Things don’t just happen. Movement isn’t independent of push. Action is stagnant until provoked. The story doesn’t begin without an inciting incident. 

He won’t just happen. Listen to me — you, the girl passively waiting — wake up. Stop sitting there in your facade of poise and ignorance. Get rid of your heels, toss them in the fire of burning gendered suppositions. Dethrone yourself from such expectations. Don’t expect him to come, don’t anticipate a fucking white horse. You want a fairy tale? Go get high. Because this is reality and this is how it works.

He will not bear any crowns or jewels. He will not decode every sentiment you feel. He won’t have the selfless nature to carry you on his shoulders. He will not because perfection is a non-existing entity. Perfection is a mind creation and you cannot create people, you cannot mold them like soft clay into your designed sculptures. People are predisposed puzzle pieces with jagged and curved ends that you must learn to accommodate. His edges will not complement yours. Yours and his will burn and scar. You and him will not be a perfect union, but rather a pair of incorrectly glued puzzle pieces, a mismatched pair of socks.

Know that puzzle pieces themselves aren’t given nor readily discovered. You must search and hunt amongst the thousands of pieces scattered before you. He won’t always come to you, he could but great stories aren’t written by mindful characters. Great stories have action. So you want a fucking fairytale? Then write it yourself.

Find him in a coffee shop, or in a bar. Find him in your lecture class of hundreds or a few, find him and approach him. You talk, you text, you call first. Be your own inciting incident, be that girl Disney never writes about, that society never expects. Be the girl who provokes her own legends. Be the girl who deconstructs societal presumptions. Be the girl of action, of doing. Be the girl who never waits and who never apologizes for her blunt methodology. Be the girl of momentum, who doesn’t need to be chased or saved. Be the girl who moves with the support of her own feet and with her very hands, finds her own mismatched Prince Charming. Go after him, be the brave girl who does not wait for happily ever after, but writes it herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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