It’s Finally Us

Jairo Cajilma

Two years flew by with the magic of other relationships cloaking our eyes to what was naturally in front of us all along. I closed off the reality of my feelings to avoid the rejection I knew was buried in the future.

But on that night, I decided to tell you.

I gave you my heart, knowing there was no possibility of gaining yours.

With glasses of wine and a blurred perspective, I poured all of my soul into your ears. I knew there was no turning back, but I never expected it to move forward.

I never expected it to go this way.

I swam around my river waiting for that fish everyone was always talking about. Saying there are plenty in the sea as the waves of my everyday life crash upon my own shore.

I was the traveler, and you were my siren.

With your voice you captured every inch of my being, and you became my fish. You became my sunshine in the morning, and the hero fighting my monsters with me.

You became everything.

In seven short days, I knew I loved you now more than ever.

So I told you.

I passed the ball to your court and left my heart open, knowing it would be shattered in a few short hours.

The answer was rightfully no, but nothing could stop us.

I released every fear, every care, and I let you have all of me.

In those hours, we were not two persons, but one in such unified motion.

Our spirits were gone and in that moment, it was finally us.

I would never ask you to push farther than we have, but I loved you then.

I love you still.

Two years later, and it was finally us.

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