11 Signs That You’re Lying To Yourself About Liking Him

Twenty20 / NickBulanovv
Twenty20 / NickBulanovv

One of my all time favorite activities is denying all of my feelings. Come on, it is so much easier to just put things in a box, put that in another box, and put it on the highest shelf in the corner where it sits and collects dust and you never have to deal with it ever again! Of course, eventually you’ll meet someone who gives you all of the feels, and in a moment of complete panic you might try to hide your love away. But if any of these telltale signs apply to you, then there is a major possibility that you’re just in denial and need to face the facts.


1. If you’re looking at him on social media

Do you search his name and not even remember doing it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter? I blame social media for so much when it comes to relationships (because it’s easier than blaming myself…) but I truly think it takes a great toll on them. You are constantly able to see everything that this person is up to which makes it especially hard not to think about them and wonder what they’re doing.

2. If you’ve drunk dialed him.

Technology seriously hasn’t been the best of pals to me when it comes to guys. But I’m a firm believer in most of the things you say when you’re drunk are the things you are too afraid to say when you aren’t. For all of you well-rounded people out there who disagree/have been brave enough to use your words to convey feelings instead of a drunk “ILY” text, please teach me what I should clearly already know by now.

3. If you get jealous.

This is pretty self explanatory. Some people are just jealous by nature, which is completely normal. But if you turn into a little more of a green monster if you’re under the impression that someone you want wants somebody else (which honestly will most likely make you want this unattainable guy even more) then you might want to be a little bit more than friends.

4. If you’re trying to impress his buddies.

What I love so much about guys is that I feel like they managed to avoid that catty stage between the ages of thirteen-on that girls have to go through, and they pledge such loyalty to their friends. Of course you want his friends to like you! And if you’re asking said friends about him? Well HA. We all try to be so coy about it and, trust me, we never really are.

5. If you’re trying to impress him.

Talking about sports that you actually know nothing about, a band you aren’t even that into, or trying to make any hobby he has one of your own might be a good indicator that you’re looking for something to connect to him with. Actually, I’ve discovered a lot of great bands through guys that I’ve liked, so at least this one isn’t all that horrible.

6. If you’ve cried.

Drunk, not drunk, a few tears, an ocean of sobs. I’ve never cried over someone I didn’t care about. I also cry every time I watch Up, but come on. It means something.

7. If you can’t get him out of your head.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

8. If you’re nervous.

Whether it’s when you’re hooking up with this guy, talking to this guy, or even just in the same vicinity as this guy and you totally clam up, then there might be some definite fuzzy-wuzzies going on there.

9. If all of your friends hate you because you won’t stop talking about him.

Let me personally apologize to all of my friends for this. I’ve had too many vent sessions with them to count, and they know me a hell of a lot better than I know myself. They usually let me know when I like a guy before I even begin to process it. Then I deny it for a few weeks, and then nonstop talk about it for a few more, and it’s just such a fun cycle for everyone involved.

10. If your mom hates you because you won’t stop talking about him.

Let me personally apologize to my mother about this. But I always look to my mom for further guidance. Mom’s are the Mr. Feeny’s of life; they know everything. They get everything. They’ve been through it. Listen to them and learn from them. But if you’re calling your mom on the reg and this guys name (who she has never even met before) keeps coming up, then it must be pretty significant.

11. If you’re reading this and agreeing with me.

But the truth is; it’s okay. You’re not as crazy as you think. Or maybe you are as crazy as you think, and it’s okay. Because it happens and it’s so human and it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. I know that it’s hard to feel so much and be so afraid of it. But the only person who is standing in your own way is you. Take it from me, everything isn’t nearly as terrifying as you make it out to be. So when you’re maybe, kinda, sorta, a little, totally, completely into someone; take a breath. And before you do anything else, learn to admit it to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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