When You’re Looking For A Sign

To those who believe in signs.
The ones who close their eyes in the hopes that when they open them, they’ll finally know the answer.
He loves me, he doesn’t love me.
I’ll get that job or travel to that place.
This was meant to happen.

To the ones who hope for the courage to take that next step, but just need something to show them that it’s what they’re supposed to do. That it won’t get all fucked up in the process.

When you love someone so much, how do you know if it’s a sign or just hope? How do you know that if you catch 11:11 on days that you miss him, it means something beautiful is going to happen? How do you know that he’s even the one? There could be this gorgeous boy with dark hair and eyes more blue than the sea and they’ll light you up in a way that nothing else could, but you’re busy thinking that all of the signs you’re seeing are for the other boy. Maybe the signs aren’t for him. Maybe the signs are saying, “don’t turn around” or “just a bit further now” or “you’re almost at the end of the tunnel. do you see the light at the end? it’s coming.”

I’ve come to believe that certain things are put in place so that you think of certain things at certain times and that causes you to head in a different direction or a more spontaneous direction than the one you were before. A direction that you think you thought of yourself but the thoughts were actually curated by something else. Something like fate and karma rolled into one so that the things that we get are actually the things we deserve. But it was meant all along. Maybe we receive things when we deserve them. Maybe that good thing is headed our way, we just haven’t earned it yet. People tend to stand around hoping for their worlds to change and wait and wait when what they need to realize is that you get what you put out into the world.

But what about the bad people who are always having good things happen, you ask? I honestly believe that if you’re constantly worrying about why other people aren’t getting their bad karma, you’re putting negative thoughts out into the universe. We need to concentrate on our own actions and not the actions of others. That won’t help us in the long run. Their fate is none of our business. Trust that when you put good out there, it will come back to you. Maybe not in the way that you thought it would, but it will always be for the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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