Here’s All The Great (And Terrible) Presidential Swag You Should Get

In response to Donald Trump’s refusal to take part in the Fox News Republican debate yesterday, Ted Cruz released a new hat this week with a direct message for the GOP frontrunner.

via store.
via store.

Love him or hate him- that hat is pretty great. And while adding to an already eventful campaigning season, Cruz’s Make Trump Debate Again hat is just one of the fantastic items currently being sold by the presidential hopefuls.

1. Ted Cruz

It seems only fitting to start with the man who got us into this rabbit hole. Let’s quickly talk about how he has multiple items with the slogan “Are you ready for some Cruzball?” because what… does that even mean? Dumb slogans aside, his online store boasts a classic but perfect This vehicle makes right turns only bumper sticker and if you’re in need of a new adult coloring book look no further because Cruzball’s got you covered! What’s that? I used that wrong? Whoops!

cruz 2

2. Bernie Sanders

Major props to Sanders with his Join the Political Revolution Today FDR revival tee.


And you can really feel the puns (oy) with the highly coveted Feel the Bern coffee travel mug perfect for sleep deprived activist in all of us.


Although this isn’t campaign endorsed, if you’re really feeling the Bern why not check out the limited edition Sanders inspired ice cream created by Ben and Jerry co-founder, Ben Cohen? Cohen’s Bernie’s Yearning is a metaphor for unequal wealth distribution in the United States- how fun!

3. Hillary Clinton

Not surprisingly Clinton’s store database is completely on point, it’s almost like she’s been planning a presidential campaign for decades or something. You have some cookies that need baking? Done with the campaign cookie cutter. Your hand too cold from holding onto that can of soda? Clearly you need the Chillary Clinton can holder (much respect to her team for not calling them koozies). Love Alex and Ani bracelet’s but wish they’d stop being so noncommittal and endorse a candidate already? Clinton’s got you.


But, what really needs to be in your possession is the Yassss Hillary t-shirt showcasing vintage Hill.

4. Marco Rubio

Rubio’s store selection is pretty low key, but if you’re in the mood to blow 500 bucks for a personalized tweet from the Rubio campaign: You can buy Marco Rubio a plane ticket. No I’m serious, this is not a drill.

5. Jeb Bush

Jeb might just take the cake, and by cake I fully mean avocado for his guacamole bowl. Talk about being in tune with the crazy obsession the American people have with the guac.

Honorable mention goes to the t-shirt paying homage to his father, former President George H.W. Bush…well played Jeb. Although would it have killed you to iron the shirt pre-photoshoot?

Now keep in mind all of this will set you back quite a few dollars, but hey running for president ain’t cheap! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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