5 Ways You Know Where You Grew Up Is Not Your Home Anymore

The Graduate
The Graduate

1. You’d rather not deal with the home family drama.

One of the strangest parts about not being around the house means you avoid the family drama at home. You can get the lowdown during a skype sesh or a phone call but once you press that end button. You have sweet freedom.

2. You’re tired of running into your ex around town.

Yeah sure at first the concept of running into your ex was intriguing. Suddenly town coffee shops, the movie theater, pretty much any public space was a reason to look good but after a few awkward run-ins the allure has worn off and you start avoiding certain hot spots you know they frequent. 

3. People need to stop asking where you’re going/when you’ll be coming back.

I know they realize the concept of not living at home. I know they do. And I know they just worry about us. For at least 8 months of the year you can eat, drink, and smoke when you want to. You can go out at 1 and come back at sunrise if your heart and your body so allows you to. So why do parents need to keep tabs on your whereabouts?

4. You no longer feel this pang of nostalgia for the old times.

You go home and every place would have a memory attached to it. It makes you believe that life was much simpler and happier. You yearned to live in those days again. Nowadays, this nostalgia desire has faded because you’ve seen how awesome it is to make new memories in a different place.

5. You may not know what you want to do after graduation or what your next step in life is…

…but you realize that you’re doing it — you’re making your own path and can see that you might be on to something great here. There comes a point when you have to stop looking back. And you know it is time to keep moving forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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