Ranking The Characters From ‘Never Have I Ever’ From Best To Absolute Worst

Spoiler Alert: Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling’s latest Netflix production, Never Have I Ever, has officially been renewed for a second season, and I couldn’t be more excited! Inspired by Mindy’s adolescence, this timely story and diverse cast is exactly what we should be seeing front and center right now on a stage as big as Netflix. Plus, we can soon uncover all the unanswered questions at the end of season 1:

Does Devi choose Paxton or Ben?

Does Kamala fall in love with her arranged fiancé?

Where does Fabiola and Eve’s relationship go?

Does Ben’s mom ever come home?

And most importantly, will John McEnroe be narrating once again?

In anticipation of Never Have I Ever season 2, I’m ranking 14 of the characters from best to the absolute worst.

1. Mohan, Devi’s Dad: BEST

Mohan was sweet, kind, and lovable, which makes it that much more heartbreaking that he passed away. As Devi works through her grief, she still sees and talks to Mohan, as he was a constant source of light and love throughout her life, right up until his tragic passing. Although his character lives in the past, it’s clear what an extraordinary human being Mohan was to every person he touched when he was still alive.

2. Rebecca, Paxton’s Sister: BEST

Rebecca effortlessly takes the second spot for her brutal honesty with her douchebag brother, Paxton. She’s not afraid to put him in his place and tell him when he’s wrong. They share a special bond that includes transparency and looking out for the other. Hopefully we see more of Rebecca in season 2—we all know Paxton needs it!

3. Fabiola, Devi’s BFF: BEST

Fabiola is a good friend with a giant heart who tries to reveal her sexuality to her friends and family throughout the entire season. She continually puts others before herself, and we see just how courageous she is when she comes out to her family and friends. I wonder if her new relationship with Eve will continue in season 2?

4. Eleanor, Devi’s BFF: BEST

Much like Fabiola, Eleanor is a genuine friend and person, so you can’t help but fall in love with her authenticity. Her mother abandoned her twice, and she still continues to push through her heartbreak and follow her passion for acting. She is a strong character with endless room to grow. I bet we’ll see more of her talented performances in season 2.

5. John McEnroe, Narrator: BEST

Great voice, great guy, and great narrator! Hopefully we hear more of his announcer-like tone to guide us throughout season 2.

6. Kamala, Devi’s Cousin: BEST

Kamala is a sweet girl trying to find balance while maneuvering the massive weight of her family and Indian heritage. She’s set up in an arranged marriage that she wants no part of, and it’s exciting to watch her try and pave her own path. That is, until she meets her arranged fiancé, who’s drop-dead GORGEOUS. I wonder how this relationship will turn out in season 2.


You hate Ben from the very start, but he grows on you at a rapid pace. His pain comes from the absence of his parents as they continuously distract him with money. At the same time, they are unable to connect with him on any level. They live their own lives apart from him, and we discover how lonely Ben truly is and why he can sometimes act cruelly as a defense mechanism. Plus, everyone uses him except for Devi. He really wins you over when you see how he tries to grasp onto his connection with Devi and how deeply he cares for her. If that wasn’t enough, he ensures that Devi gets to her Mom and cousin in time so that she can be there to scatter her Dad’s ashes in the ocean. He grows so much throughout season 1, I can only imagine what Ben has in store for us in season 2.

8. Nalini, Devi’s Mom: BEST AND WORST

You have to respect how tough Nalini is on Devi and how she only wants the best for her. We know she truly loves her, but at times she can be a bit demeaning. She even went as far as to tell Mohan that Devi wasn’t her daughter because of how terribly she behaves. It’s nice to see her softer side in flashbacks with Mohan and the present effort she makes in repairing her relationship with Devi. Nalini has plenty of room to grow in season and prove whether she sways more towards the best or the worst…TBD.

9. Devi: WORST

Devi may be the main character of Never Have I Ever, but she’s kind of the worst TBH. She has a lot of growing up to do, which is why her actions are typically selfish. Devi puts a guy before her best friends twice and lies a lot. She rarely steps out of her own problems to try and help those closest to her, and they often end up paying the price. You feel for Devi as an immature high school girl dealing with an adult-sized problem: the recent death of her father. But still, hopefully she’s a little less “the world revolves around me” in season 2. No one wants to be around someone that makes everything about them.

10. Trent: WORST

Trent is comical at times, but like most of Paxton’s friends, he’s obsessed with high school popularity. Trent and Paxton show their true colors when they use Devi for a group project and make her do all the work and then take the credit. Will Trent surprise us in season 2 with a little growing up? Only time will tell.

11. Paxton: WORST

It’s hard to put Paxton so far down on the list because I’m obviously as in love with him as Devi is. But TBH he’s a total douchebag that’s obsessed with himself. (Ugh, no wonder why I like him.) Naturally, when you peel the layers back, you realize how deeply insecure Paxton is, mainly in his academic abilities. You start to see a more authentic side of him towards the end of Season 1, so I can’t wait to see how his character evolves in season 2. With a little more listening to his sister, he may just move up on my list.

12. Ben’s Mom And Dad: WORST

The only good thing about Ben’s parents is that his Mom is played by Mindy Kaling’s real-life BFF, Angela from The Office. But, everything else about them SUCKS. They are continually ditching Ben and manipulating him with tickets to games, loads of cash, and everything that comes with their fancy house. The cleaning lady is more of a parent to Ben than either his mom or dad. Although they suck, I won’t be mad if we see Angela Kinsey back in season 2.

13. Shira, Ben’s Girlfriend: WORST

Shira is totally superficial, which is why she uses Ben for his money and status without any real interest in him. No tears will be shed if we don’t see Shira in season 2.

14. Joyce, Eleanor’s Mom: ABSOLUTE WORST

Joyce is well-deserving of the ABSOLUTE WORST character of them all. She abandons Eleanor at a young age to chase her dream of becoming an actress without any regret. Years later, she unwillingly returns after failing at acting, only to see Eleanor succeeding as an actress in a high-school play. Joyce is unapologetically jealous that her daughter is thriving, even though it’s just a high-school production. Joyce’s jealousy motivates her to abandon Eleanor for a second time to try acting again. Joyce only cares about herself and repeatedly hurts Eleanor with no remorse, which is why she is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

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