Don't Be A Kardashian When You Can Be An Ocasio-Cortez

Don’t Be A Kardashian When You Can Be An Ocasio-Cortez

It’s quite ironic that, as the digital world has grown exponentially transparent, we’ve become more easily distracted. We’ve normalized altering our appearance because it looks good on Instagram. We reject sexism in our protests yet listen to rap music that demeans women repeatedly. We elect a President that is proud to be against female reproductive rights, yet we have several women who stood behind him. Unfortunate as it may be facing our current reality, we do have people that are working to do anything and everything in their power to keep us moving forward rather than back in time.

Kim Kardashian is not of them, but because so many follow her life at am obsessive speed and fell into the addiction of her repetitive snapshots, we ignore her and her husband’s alignment with Donald Trump.

And for what? Are we distracted, or do we rationalize the addiction? Why do so many fall loyal to someone that promotes self-obsession and body-obsession rather than body positivity?

Rather than try to replicate the visual of any Kardashian, we need to start utilizing more of our time by being strategic about who and what we give our energy and support to. We need to look up the women that are making a real and significant difference when it comes to feminism, equality, and humanity in general.

We need less or removal of the universal mirroring of the Kardashians and more inspiration from women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

After watching Knock the House Down on Netflix, AOC’s transparency was inspiring, motivating, and gave hope to women and men when it comes to our future. Watching her rise to victory was an unexpected ending, even for her, but still an outcome of hope. Hope is vital in our current state, and the way we shift that hope into actionable change is through empowering more women like AOC.

AOC is an ally for the LGBTQ community supporting equality for all genders and sexualities. She’s a supporter of choice, fighting for all women to have reproductive rights over their bodies. She started a movement, beating all odds to become the youngest women elected to Congress. Her strength is admirable, shining through her values and efforts. She wasn’t born from wealth or power but instead created her own destiny from honesty, and hard work, two factors that had nothing to do with many men that were elected to Congress, including our President, who gained power solely based on wealth and bloodline. She’s faced ridicule from this patriarchal motivated circle of money and power that want us stuck in the past, holding all of the power, but that certainly won’t stop women like AOC.

She’s vocal about her efforts to abolish ICE and the many causes she advocates for including Medicare for all, fully funded public schools and universities, justice system reform, sustainability, and equal pay. She also ran a clean campaign without taking a dime from corporate funding, unlike her opponent Joe Crowley who had raised 3 Million dollars more than AOC, and she still won 78% of the vote because money can’t buy you everything.

AOC doesn’t want you to buy her lip kit or leave thousands of comments on her edited selfie, she wants to make a better future for us and everyone that comes after. She doesn’t want to push you to edit yourself, she wants everyone to be exactly who they are with the human rights to match. She’s not shy about her past or where she’s come from because she’s proud to hold rare truth to the phrase, “for the people.” She’s not afraid to make mistakes or admit fault having the resilience to impact positive change throughout the country that can last.

Kardashian passion includes money, fame, and power over people.

AOC passion includes equality, positive influence, and power for the people.

Where The Kardashian’s notoriously consume as much power as possible, AOC has used her influence to help people the moment she attained a level of status.

Who will you aspire to be more like? Who do you want the young women in your life to look up to? Who do you think will lead us to a better tomorrow?

The choice is yours.

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