I Loved 'The Office' But Please Kill The Reboot

I Loved ‘The Office’ But Please Kill The Reboot

You’re not alone if you’re wondering if there are more reboots and sequels today when compared to the original content. During a time of astronomical advance, we crave the memories of our favorite characters that brought onscreen magic to our lives. We miss shows like The Office, Friends, Full House, Sister, Sister, or Boy Meets World because these shows changed us. The characters and their stories stayed with us. What we seem to lose sight of is that with time the actors we cherished have grown and evolved. Almost always, these changes don’t match our visual expectations of the characters we once knew.

So, why are we talking about bringing it so many of our old television shows and movies back so many years later?

Through social media and digital technology, we’re able to track everything past and present. We’re ready to stay in touch with people digitally that we aren’t in contact with in real time. Naturally, this behavior and rationale transferred over into the present-day need to stay in touch with the characters from our favorite past shows and movies.

We’re treating characters as if they are real people from our past that we want to stay updated on just as we keep in touch with people on social media that aren’t part of our lives. Yet we still watch and engage with these people through their social media activity.

Much like social media, a reboot also allows someone to ride a train of past success into the present. It creates a massive imbalance within new creative content that’s trying to break through the barrier of film and television. It also keeps our focus on re-living memories from the past much like re-living the memories people share on social media that both bypass current and future memories.

We let the craving of nostalgia keep us in a state of reverse, preventing us from being fully present today. This is the case when fixated on a reboot or a social media profile of someone. To evolve, it is vital that we continue in a forward direction. And for that to happen, our attention needs to reflect that.

Things end, freeing space so that new ideas can take form.

So, gravitate your focus onto present-day reality. Let digital technology be a small piece of your life that doesn’t weigh so heavily on your behavior. Conserve the magic of past favorite’s and stop calling for more reboots so that we can give the writers and content makers of today a fighting chance of getting their content to the forefront. Let’s move forward so we can continue to grow and evolve, no matter what content tries to push us back in time. Deep down, we all know that now more than ever, we can’t afford to stop any progression. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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