Girls Will Be Girls

Historically, we’ve pushed women into a matriarchal box that typically presumed women were made for the sole purpose of procreation. Labels assumed onto women were the opposition of parental and embryonic while men were attributed with primal strength and maturity. When in all actuality, all four descriptions can be accurate for both genders.

Both genders can feel the desire to become a parent as it can be cultivated from either side. Both males and females can experience the inclination of not only wanting but needing to become a parent. Gender does not assume the desire to become a parent just as gender does place one sex above the other. Equality for women not only benefits women but it also presents the opportunity of transparency for men. Gender stereotypes only limit both genders from evolving into their most true self.

Not all women can biologically have children nor do all women want children. There is nothing to be dissected with a woman that doesn’t want to have children just as there isn’t with a woman that does. Only now we’re starting to acknowledge that what is most vital is the recognition that all women deserve to have a say in the matter. All women deserve choices.

We can’t judge a woman for not wanting children nor can we demonize a woman that chooses to end a pregnancy inside of her body. Women deserve the option to say no to having sex, and they deserve for that decision to be heard and received. Women deserve to enjoy sex just as much as a man can as it was intended that way. Women deserve equality after facing inequality for so long.

Women are not hollow shells made for holding. Women are solid and stable enough to choose what they want to carry. Women are strong even when they aren’t. Women are resilient not only rolling with the punches but by punching back, making choices even when they aren’t optioned.

Women are women. Females are females.

Girls will be girls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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