I’m What They Call ‘A Nasty Woman’

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Monica Melton / Unsplash

I’m what they call, a nasty woman. Rugs don’t exist as I push everything to the forefront. I’m brutally honest which offends most people. I speak my mind when it’s necessary, objectively when I believe it’s necessary. I get angry when I hear sexist language. I feel rage when I sense racism. I don’t like talking unless there’s something to talk about. I don’t like to release the energy I hold dear on things that don’t deserve said energy. I like to save it for when it matters most.

I hate when people lie. I get nauseous when someone cheats. I’m judgmental, and I acknowledge that. But having judgment just reminds me that I have thoughts, I have opinions, I have morals, and more importantly, I stand by them. So, what’s a girl to do when we’re living during a time where racism and sexism breathe ignorant air throughout society.

The more I yell, the more negative attributes link on to me. If I were to stay silent, that would be critiqued as well. So, as a woman with the power of my voice, I stand, loud, and proud. Even if things seem hopeless one day, and even more hopeless on the next, I keep standing up and standing by what I believe in.

I believe in love. I believe in equality. I believe good will conquer evil, even if it’s a long race to the finish line. I believe in judgment when it comes to hate. I believe it is accepting sexualities foreign to me. I believe in accepting religions different than what I grew up with. I believe in accepting groups of people from different parts of the world. I believe in protecting those that need protections and speaking up for those who can’t. I believe in openness to things I don’t understand.

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