A Case To Keep Changing Your Mind

I’ve been right, and I’ve been wrong. I’ve been sure, and I’ve been unsure. I’ve worked corporate, and I’ve worked freelance. I’ve worked full-time, and I’ve worked part-time. I’ve worked minimum wage, and I’ve worked salary. I’ve worked jobs I’ve loved, and I’ve worked jobs I’ve hated. I’ve created things I was proud of, and I’ve created things I was embarrassed to share. I’ve been a tomboy, and I’ve been a fashionista. I’ve lived on the East Coast, and I’ve lived on the West Coast. I’ve been employed as a writer, actress, assistant, painter, cold caller, marketer, analyst, referee, copywriter, social media creator, content manager, website creator, blogger, waitress, bartender, barista, stylist and event coordinator. In 27 years I’ve been all over the place because I’ve kept changing my mind.

My path isn’t straight nor narrow; it’s been more of a sporadic zigzag. I’ve changed my mind a lot about work, play, life, relationships, friendships, influences wants, needs, and beliefs and I’m going to keep changing my mind. Because if I’m certain of one thing, is that I’m not certain of anything.

No one has all of the answers but to keep up with time and progression, you change. Your opinions, your beliefs, and what fulfills you will change while fighting that movement will keep you in a standstill, and you’ll get left behind.

It’s okay to be unsure, and it’s okay not to know. It’s okay to fluctuate in between and make different choices. But you need to make choices. You need to have an openness to things that are foreign and unfamiliar. You can’t be too proud to change your mind or have a fear of ignorance. We’re all ignorant to some extent at one time or another, some more often than not. What is important for everyone across the board is to keep moving forward. Keep learning, keep trying, and keep going.

Have initial judgments and then immediately look at its inverse. Argue both sides of situations, follow your instincts and always choose love. Keep exploring the unknown within your mind, within your environment, and within your passions.

Zigzagging has brought me to change, but it’s also brought me priceless knowledge, unique experiences, unforgettable sights, important relationships, and the flexibility to adapt.

Keep changing your mind if that’s what your mind is asking for. The only person you should be following is yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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