Why You Need To Spend Less Time On Snapchat

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Do you ever start to get overwhelmed with what you see on social media? At first, it may be an overload of detail from the people you know or sort of know. But then, you reach a level of content from people you don’t know at all. You start investing attention and releasing energy to complete strangers based on a perception of status. This became the trend after social media started and began taking shape as seemingly newsworthy material.

As a result, some social media applications have resorted to promoting this content as news in hopes of elevating their applications among the competition. Today I’d like to focus on a smartphone application especially guilty of this tactic: Snapchat

Snapchat was hit hard when Instagram not only replicated their entire layout, they made it better. So, as Snapchat was on its last dying breath it built a news feature to try and rise through the ashes and also stand out among other applications.

It seems with news there is always a negative judgment whether it be labeled corrupt, falsified, exaggerated, or bias. But, when it’s pushed on social media, the biggest problem is that it’s out of place.

Social media started out as a way for people to express themselves but then shifted towards becoming an outlet for news stations to push their own content. That’s one extreme.

The other extreme is the one Snapchat took: pushing the mundane repetitive experiences of people with perceptual high followings to the forefront and calling it news.

Who’s to say which is extreme is worse? All I can express is my opinionated observation.

This tactic has completely turned me off to Snapchat and I think it should turn you off too.

Here’s why:

Their claimed news page is a mood board of reality stars and social media influencers posting forced, altered, repeative, and mindless content.

It is content that is poisoning minds while simultaneously taking up brain space. Yet, we still have a large population aimlessly scrolling, partially engaging, and somewhat viewing.

We’ve got to take a gigantic and conscious step back.

This is not news. It is content that is damaging to minds. It’s unimportant information now matter how vital it may be temporarily promoted in the moment.

It’s posted for an excessive need for validation and attention that can only be craved and desired by the people placed on a pedestal either by society or themselves.

So how do you stop releasing negative energy into these outlets?

Spend less time on social media and more time present in your everyday life.

Scary, I know.

But, I can almost guarantee, the outcome for you personally, will be worth your while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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