These Are The 27 Guys You Will Meet By 27

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As I near the age of 27, I reflect upon the fact that I’ve been single for most of my life. Although this wasn’t always clear, it was because that’s what I wanted. 

My reality was a result of choices and actions I made along the way. I’ve often written about not settling, and it’s something I’ve practiced in my everyday life.

I realize that the most exciting relationships I’ve had were the ones that weren’t serious.

And although I am open to the possibility of something beyond that, I’ve truly started to appreciate how much I’ve been able to explore within myself and other people outside of an exclusive relationship.

I’ve had a lot of experiences. Some heartbreaking, some weakening, some too funny not to share, and some impossible to forget.

So here are 27 guys your bound to encounter by 27.

1. The inexperienced douchebag

2. The experienced douchebag

3. The nice fuckboy

4. The mean fuckboy

5. The guy your friends hate

6. The guy that’s oddly close with his mom

7. The guy that’s oddly close with his sister

8. The guy that’s oddly close with his dog

9. The guy your family gets nervous about

10. The guy that gets explosive when he drinks

11. The guy with self-esteem issues

12. The guy obsessed with money

13. The guy twice your age

14. The guy that manipulates you

15. The guy that talks too much

16. The guy that’s toxic or draining

17. The guy that’s unattractive but really nice

18. The guy that’s attractive but really mean

19. The guy that enjoys games

20. The guy that acts very immature in public

21. The guy that likes to cause trouble

22. The guy that lies

23. The guy that’s acts differently with you alone vs. in a group setting

24. The guy you drunk text

25. The guy that wants polygamy

26. The guy that’s obsessed with himself

27. The guy with a weird fetish

So wait, is it all bad? No. Of course not. With the bad comes good. Sometimes more good than bad and sometimes more bad than good. 

1. The guy that tells you he loves you

2. The guy that tells you he cares about you

3. The guy that surprises you

4. The guy that knows the best restaurants

5. The guy you have instant chemistry with

6. The guy who cares about your future

7. The guy who loves your family

8. The guy who cooks for you

9. The guy who makes you feel like you’re the only two people in the world

10. The guy that brings out the best in you

11. The guy that makes you feel alive

12. The guy that makes you feel beautiful

13. The guy that makes you feel desired

14. The guy that plans exciting adventures

15. The guy with the great group of friends

16. The guy with confidence

17. The guy that asks you questions

18. The guy that remembers small details

19. The guy that’s incredibly smart

20. The guy that’s undoubtedly sweet

21. The guy that gets along with your friends

22. The guy that opens your mind to new opinions

23. The guy who understands you

24. The guy you’d do anything for

25. The guy who’d do anything for you

26. The guy that encourages you

27. The guy that’s rooting for you

So it’s not all bad.

For me, I’ve had a lot of the bad mixed in with the good. Sometimes there was a lot of good with a sprinkle of bad.

But I’ve grown from every relationship and tried to learn something from each one.

Do I think people are bad? Not all. I think good people can do bad things. I think good people can hurt people.

But what it comes down to is where we are with experiences, exploration, and self-discovery.

When you aren’t happy with yourself it reflects in how you treat other people. When you haven’t had enough experiences, you don’t always know what to do with the situations in front of you, especially if they are unfamiliar.

Perhaps it’s exploring all of the highs and lows that come with relationships that prepare us for someone we are eventually able to grow with and share true compatibility.

As I pointed out in my last article, you don’t need to be compatible to be in love. But you do need to be compatible to last or have real substance.

We are constantly changing and evolving and just because our timeline doesn’t match up with the person we are dating, doesn’t necessarily mean either person is worthy of being demonized.

Timing is a key component of a relationship. Our past experiences and how we treat ourselves will be a direct result of how we treat the relationships that come after.

So no matter your age or experience thus far, be grateful for each one. They matter and so do you.

Experience as much as you can while you can. Remove the negative stigma attached to being single.

Your journey is playing out just the way it’s supposed to. TC mark

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