It’s Time To Let Go Of The Idea Of Your ‘Forever Person’

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As the digital world keeps us updated on the extensive proclamations of everyone’s relationships, I start to think about the idea of forever.

Society has pushed us into a way of thinking that we need to find our forever person. The thing is, that kind of pressure can make us think we have a timeline. If we don’t meet it, we end up alone. So we have many young people rushing and settling upon someone because they are so focused on finding their forever person.

As if life is that predictable…

Life happens. It’s always happening. There are defying moments that happen, completely out of our control.

And change, ever constant, is also happening and sometimes also out of our control.

People change. Our environment changes. We change.

Change is inevitable and we can’t think that we are able to cheat our way around it.

Overall I think we need to be more present and let go of this heavy focus on forever. And if you have someone that makes you happy, love them for who they are now, not who you expect them to be somewhere in the distant future.

The future is not promised to everyone. Perhaps you have found someone you will spend the rest of your life with, but having expectations of forever places your focus on an idea and not the person right in front of you.

There’s no rush either. We are meant to have experiences. Plural.

But we’ve got to stop using words we can’t possibly even begin to measure like: forever.

It sets us up for disappointment.

We don’t know what forever looks like. What we have control over is right here and now.

We can enjoy what’s going on in front of us but also know the only timeline we need to follow is our own.

We are all at our own pace. Age is irrelevant. Experience is key. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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